Essentials of Services Marketing 1e - Lovelock, Christopher H.

Essentials of Services Marketing 1e

Christopher H. Lovelock

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 10/2008

ISBN: 9789810679958

Yazar : Patricia Chew Jochen Wirtz

İngilizce | 600 Sayfa | Büyük boy  |  21,34x27,43x2,03 cm.

Tür: İşletme-Pazarlama

Essentials of Services Marketing 1st ed (ESM1) is the only introductory services marketing textbook presented in full color. Written by Lovelock, Wirtz and Chew, this text s presentation of visual learning aids, coupled with the reader-friendly use of language will impress upon students that this is one marketing text clearly written with them in mind. Framework / Approach Existing textbooks simply cover too much and introduce too much information given the limited amount of teaching time. ESM1 takes this all this into consideration and you will find that in this textbook we have: 1. Full-colour visual learning aids that promote the comprehension and recalling of salient points. 2. A broad selection of international case studies from US, Europe and Asia that helps students relate to services marketing and provides them with a global perspective. 3. Expressed theories and concepts in a simple and clear language to aid students understanding. 4. Furnished professors with teaching tools that complement the text to make teaching and assessment easier. Features 1. Visual Learning Aids - Color, well designed graphics and concise language facilitates the learning process. Well designed graphics in full color to engage learning and lively illustrations to enliven lessons Simple language and shorter sentences work hand-in-hand with visuals to bring important concepts into focus Color the only full-color services marketing textbook that boasts of real-life photos, visual learning cues and marketing concepts Benefit: Students are motivated to learn as a result of less text and more emphasis on full-color learning cues (such as graphical depictions of concepts and other conceptual diagrams) vs. chunky monotone text in our competitors books. Grasping salient points and recalling concepts are made much easier, regardless of the language ability of each student 2. Familiar international case studies and brands Case studies contain global yet familiar examples representing the different issues of services marketing. 40% of cases in American context 30% of cases in European context 30% of cases in Asian context Benefit: Students in relate better when they can recognize examples of international brands and companies, in particular those which operate widely worldwide. 3. Systematic Learning Approach Marketing concepts are organized for clarity and effective study. Well-sequenced topics a streamlined pedagogical framework that allows students to progressively follow topics Opening vignettes Chapters begin with real-life case studies that incorporate the chapter s learning objectives Learning markers Learning objective markets flag chapter milestones Benefit: Overall impact for learning is enhanced as students have to go through less text to understand and recap concepts

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