Mysticism : Volume 1   - Crowley, Aleister

Mysticism : Volume 1

Aleister Crowley

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ISBN: 9781512301182

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"Mysticism" with the sub-title "Meditation: The way of attainment of genius or Godhead considered as a development of the human brain." The text is essentially Crowley's system of yoga, which is designed to still the mind and enable single-pointed concentration. When developing his basic yogic program, Crowley borrowed heavily from many other yogis, such as Patanjali and Yajnavalkya, keeping their fundamental techniques while jettisoning much of the attendant moral dogma. Yoga, as Crowley interprets it involves several key components. The first is Asana, which is the assumption (after eventual success) of any easy, steady and comfortable posture. Next is Pranayama, which is the control of breath, and Mantra yoga, which is the use of mantras. Yama and Niyama are the adopted moral or behavioural codes (of the adept's choosing) that will be least likely to excite the mind. Pratyahara is the stilling of the thoughts so that the mind becomes quiet. Dharana is the beginning of concentration, usually on a single shape, like a triangle, which eventually leads to Dhyana, the loss of distinction between object and subject, which can be described as the annihilation of the ego (or sense of a separate self). The final stage is Samadhi—Union with the All. This volume is a new edition of Part One of Crowley’s Magnum Opus: Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4 originally published in the winter of 1912–1913 in The Equinox Vol. VIII of Vol. I. The following three parts: MAGICK, MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE, and THELEMA – THE LAW will all be published as separate volumes as part of this series.

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