Traumatic Relationship and Serious Mental Disorders - Allen, Jon G.

Traumatic Relationship and Serious Mental Disorders

Jon G. Allen

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ISBN: 9780471485544

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Mental, physical, or sexual abuse in close personal relationships commonly results in trauma that is very different from the trauma os accidents, illness, or war. Little is more intellectually challenging, emotionally demanding, and difficult than therapeutic work with survivors of such traumatic personal relationships and those close to them.

This book provides psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and counsellors with a powerful conceptual framework and a concise, masterly review of a huge knowledge base that will support and guide treatment and prevention programmes for these serious problems. This volume:
synthesises extensive clinical experience with a comprehensive review of the clinical and research literature
presents a unique developmental perspective informed by attachment theory, while integrating key aspects of evolutionary, neurobiological, cognitive behavioural, interpersonal, and psychodynamic concepts
explains not only how trauma creates extreme distress in the patient, particularly as manifested in PTSD, but also how it undermines the individual's ability to cope with such distress
delineates the significant contribution of trauma to other serious disorders, including dissociative disturbances, depression, drug abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, and personality disorders

The key elements of successful interventions are the engagement and motivation of the patient. This book provides therapists with the framework, knoledge base, and practical guidelines for educating patients and those close to them about the nature of traauma, its consequences, and treaatment. The author presents in detail his own "tried and tested" education-based interventions. This book will be an immensely valuable resource for practitioners and academics working ina ll therapeutic traditions.

Table of Contents:
List of Tables and Figures.
About the Author.
Foreword-Peter Fonagy.
A Developmental Approach to Trauma.
Trauma in Attachment Relationships.
Attachment, Relationships, and Reenactment.
The Traumatized Self.
PTSD and Traumatic Memories.
Trauma as Chronic Physical Illness.
Dissociative Detachment and Compartmentalization.
Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, and Self-Harm.
Post-Traumatic Depression.
Post-Traumatic Personality Disorders.
Containing Trauma.
Narrating Trauma.
Psychoeducational Approaches.
Therapists At Risk.

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