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    Aganta Burina Burinata. English Edition. Cevat Sakir Kabaağaçlı. (Fisherman of Halicarnassus - Halikarnas Balıkçısı) Translation: Dr. Gregory Key. Edited by: Joanne Aliye Noonan Kutup & Diana Deniz Noonan. Istanbul: Ege Publications. 2018. 280 pp., 25 x 18 cm. Limited Edition in English. Printed and hand numbered to 500 + 100 copies. Original cloth binding and dust jacket. All B/W illustrations are the work of Fisherman of Halicarnassus. All photographs and illustrations are from the collections of the his family and of the Provezza Sailing Team.

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    Koala Monti and the Trees

    Umut Kısa

    Sola Unitas

    19,00 TL

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    Koala Monti and the Trees is the first book of the “universal values and principles” series. The series has two different aims. The first one is that it helps children to understand the connection between illustrations and fiction, so that they can have a chance to boost their sense of direction. Within the book, the images are constant and scripts are designed as stickers. Discussions held between parents and children could empower their mental development and critical thinking skills. Koala Monti and the Trees is also a fun activity book.
    The second benefit of the series is that ten universal values and principles are given through facilitation method so knowledge is transferred via metaphors. The bonding with the main character enables the reader to embrace the values.
    Koala Monti and the Trees provides the children the opportunity to set the connection between nature and animals on compassion, which means they will take only what they need from nature the make the world more sustainable as better citizens of it.

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