Andorra : Modern Plays - Frisch, Max

Andorra : Modern Plays

Max Frisch

Yayınevi: Methuen Drama

Yayın tarihi: 10/2001

ISBN: 9780413305107

İngilizce | 112 Sayfa | 12,70 x 19,05 x 1,02 cm.

Tür: Oyun

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Max Frisch packs a lot into this play from 1961. It is set in "Andorra", which, in his Notes to the play, Frisch specifically states is not the country of the same name, but rather the name of a "model". Nonetheless, there are clear parallels between the Andorra of the play and, on the one hand, Germany of the 1930's, or, on the other hand, Frisch's native Switzerland.

The most obvious theme is anti-Semitism. One of the characters, a young man of twenty, is discriminated against at every turn because he is (thought to be) Jewish, and by the end of the play he has been carted off like a beast to the slaughter as the scapegoat for a thuggish murder. Afterwards, the common citizens of Andorra regret the incident, but each says from a fore-stage witness box that it "wasn't my fault"; some say that in fact it was partly the Jew's fault; and one rationalizes as follows: "I don't for one moment deny that we were somewhat influenced by the events of the period. It was, let us not forget, a turbulent period." And the soldier, of course, testifies, "I only did my duty. Orders are orders. What would the world come to if orders weren't carried out?"

But ANDORRA is deeper and more complex than simply a dramatic recreation of anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany (or twentieth-century Europe). The real vice, of which anti-Semitism is a particularly pernicious brand, is stereotyping or categorizing - both of others AND of ourselves. As Frisch says in an introduction of sorts, "We invent ourselves - and then use this invented self as a working hypothesis to cover the facts of our lives." So at a deeper level, ANDORRA is another of Frisch's literary meditations on the quest for personal identity. At the same time, and in a related vein, it contains dramatic and poignant examples of the human propensity for avoidance of the truth.

This particular printing of the English translation was published in connection with the staging of ANDORRA in 2001 by the Young Vic Theatre Company and the Royal National Theatre Studio. I would like to have been in the audience, as I believe it a play of continuing interest and relevance.

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