Architects Gravesites : A Serendipitous Guide - Kuehn, Henry H.

Architects' Gravesites : A Serendipitous Guide

Henry H. Kuehn

Yayınevi: MIT Press

Yayın tarihi: 05/2017

ISBN: 9780262533478

İngilizce | 152 Sayfa | 15,88x22,22x1,12 cm.

Tür: Mimari

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All working architects leave behind a string of monuments to themselves in the form of buildings they have designed and built. But what about the "final place" an architect will ever be associated with? Are architects' gravesites more monumental -- more architectural -- than others? This unique book provides an illustrated guide to more than 200 gravesites of famous architects in America. Led by our intrepid author, Henry Kuehn, we find that most graves of architects are not monumental but rather modest, that many architects did not design their final resting places, and that a surprising number had their ashes scattered.

Final Place offers an alphabetical listing, from Alvar Aalto and Dankmar Adler (Louis Sullivan's partner) to Frank Lloyd Wright and Minoru Yamasaki (designer of the Word Trade Center's twin towers). Each entry includes a brief note on the architect's career and a color photograph of the site. For example, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is buried in Chicago under a simple granite slab designed by his architect grandson; Louise Bethune, the first American woman to become a professional architect, is buried under a headstone inscribed only with her husband's name (a plaque honoring her achievements was installed later); Philip Johnson's ashes were spread in his rose garden, with no marker, across the street from his famous Glass House; Louis Kahn shares a headstone with his wife, despite his well-publicized relationships with other women.

Final Place is an architectural guide like no other, presenting structures that declare not "I Am a Monument" but "I Am Mortal."

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