Architecture and Tourism : Perception, Performance and Place - Lasansky, D. Medina

Architecture and Tourism : Perception, Performance and Place

D. Medina Lasansky

Yayınevi: Berg Publishers

Yayın tarihi: 05/2004

ISBN: 9781859737095

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Tür: Mimari

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The past two centuries have witnessed an increase in the commodification of tourist sites across the world. Everything from historical monuments to exotic holiday destinations has been redesigned and packaged for mass consumption. As a result, the histories of specific sites have been re-conceptualized. Some have been preserved and celebrated, while others have been left to decay. In this process, buildings, cities and entire countries have been remapped by tourism initiatives to serve political, cultural, economic and scholarly goals. Considering these profound transformations, "Architecture and Tourism" examines the reciprocal relationship between the modern practice of tourism and the built environment. It shows how photography, film and souvenirs have been deployed to help mediate and mythologize specific sites. It also explores how tourist itineraries, behavior and literature are institutionalized for popular consumption in order to support larger cultural objectives. Drawing on case studies in Cuba, Ghana, Greece, France, Italy, Libya, Mauritius, Spain and the United States, "Architecture and Tourism" explores the touristic experience, representation and meaning of place with

Table of Contents

Foreword by Davydd J. Greenwood
Introduction by D. Medina Lasansky 1
Pt. I Defining a canon and a mode of perception
1 Reproduction, fragmentation, and collection : Rome and the origin of souvenirs by Sarah Benson 15
2 Early travelers in Greece and the invention of medieval architectural history by Kostis Kourelis 37
3 Performing abroad : British tourists in Italy and their practices, 1840-1914 by Jill Steward 53
Pt. II Politics of pilgrimage
4 From Tripoli to Ghadames : architecture and the tourist experience of local culture in Italian Colonial Libya by Brian McLaren 75
5 A pilgrimage to the Alcazar of Toledo : ritual, tourism, and propaganda in Franco's Spain by Miriam Basilio 93
6 Authenticating dungeons, whitewashing castles : the former sites of the slave trade on the Ghanaian coast by Cheryl Finley 109 Pt. III Packaging place 7 From photographic fragments to architectural illusions at the 1929 Poble Espanyol in Barcelona by Jordana Mendelson 129
8 Simulating France, seducing the world : the regional center at the 1937 Paris Exposition by Deborah D. Hurtt 147
9 Tourist geographies : remapping Old Havana by D. Medina Lasansky 165 Pt. IV Performance
10 Sweetening colonialism : a Mauritian themed resort by Tim Edensor and Uma Kothan 189
11 Doing it right : postwar honeymoon resorts in the Pocono Mountains by Barbara Penner 207
Pt. V The postmodern imagination
12 New politics of the spectacle : "Bilbao" and the global imagination by Joan Ockman 227
13 Egypt on steroids : Luxor Las Vegas and postmodern orientalism by Jeffrey Cass 241

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