Aristotles "Nicomachean Ethics" : An Introduction - Pakaluk, Michael

Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics" : An Introduction

Michael Pakaluk

Yayınevi: Cambridge University Press

Yayın tarihi: 08/2005

ISBN: 9780521520683

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Tür: Genel Felsefe

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This is an engaging and accessible introduction to the 'Nicomachean Ethics', Aristotle's great masterpiece of moral philosophy. Michael Pakaluk offers a thorough and lucid examination of the entire work, uncovering Aristotle's motivations and basic views while paying careful attention to his arguments. The chapter on friendship captures Aristotle's doctrine with clarity and insight, and Pakaluk gives original and compelling interpretations of the Function Argument, the Doctrine of the Mean, courage and other character virtues, Akrasia, and the two treatments of pleasure. There is also a useful section on how to read an Aristotelian text. This book will be invaluable for all student readers encountering one of the most important and influential works of Western philosophy.

Table of Contents

1. Reading Aristotle's 'Ethics'
2. An outline of the goal of human life
3. Character-related virtue
4. Actions as signs of character
5. Some particular character-related virtues
6. Justice as a particular character-related virtue
7. Thinking-related virtue
8. Arkrasia, or failure of self-control
9. Friendship
10. Pleasure
11. Happiness in outline.

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