AutoCAD 2004 Bible      - Finkelstein, Ellen

AutoCAD 2004 Bible

Ellen Finkelstein

Yayınevi: John Wiley

Yayın tarihi: 01/2003

ISBN: 9780764539923

İngilizce | 1315 Sayfa |

Tür: Internet / Grafik & Tasarım

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* Includes new features, such as more than eighty productivity tools, new printing enhancements, easier management of external reference drawings, and much more.

* No experience is required; the first part guides novice users through the AutoCAD interface, yet the book is so complete that even veteran AutoCAD users will want to keep it by their PCs.

* The CD-ROM includes beginning and finished exercise drawings from the book, a trial version of AutoCAD, bonus appendices, freeware and shareware programs, a links page, more

Table of Contents
Part I: AutoCAD Basics.
Chapter 1: Starting to Draw.
Chapter 2: Opening a Drawing.
Chapter 3: Using Commands.
Chapter 4: Specifying Coordinates.
Chapter 5: Setting Up a Drawing.
Part II: Drawing in Two Dimensions.
Chapter 6: Drawing Simple Lines.
Chapter 7: Drawing Curves and Point Objects.
Chapter 8: Viewing Your Drawing.
Chapter 9: Editing Your Drawing: Basic Tools.
Chapter 10: Editing Your Drawing: Advanced Tools.
Chapter 11: Organizing Drawings with Layers, Colors, Linetypes, and Lineweights.
Chapter 12: Getting Information from Your Drawing.
Chapter 13: Creating Text.
Chapter 14: Drawing Dimensions.
Chapter 15: Creating Dimension Styles and Tolerances.
Chapter 16: Drawing Complex Objects.
Chapter 17: Plotting and Printing Your Drawing.
Part III: Working with Data.
Chapter 18: Working with Blocks and Attributes.
Chapter 19: Referencing Other Drawings.
Chapter 20: Working with External Databases.
Part IV: Drawing in Three Dimensions.
Chapter 21: Specifying 3D Coordinates.
Chapter 22: Viewing 3D Drawings.
Chapter 23: Creating 3D Surfaces.
Chapter 24: Creating Solids and Editing in 3D.
Chapter 25: Rendering in 3D.
Part V: Organizing and Managing Drawings.
Chapter 26: Keeping Control of Your Drawings.
Chapter 27: Working with Other Applications.
Chapter 28: Getting on the Internet.
Part VI: Customizing AutoCAD.
Chapter 29: Customizing Commands, Toolbars, and Tool Palettes.
Chapter 30: Creating Macros and Slide Shows with Script Files.
Chapter 31: Creating Your Own Linetypes and Hatch Patterns.
Chapter 32: Creating Shapes and Fonts.
Chapter 33: Customizing Menus.
Part VII: Programming AutoCAD.
Chapter 34: Understanding AutoLISP and Visual LISP Basics.
Chapter 35: Exploring AutoLISP Further.
Chapter 36: Exploring Advanced AutoLISP Topics.
Chapter 37: Programming with Visual Basic for Applications.
Part VIII: Appendix.
Appendix: What’s on the CD-ROM.

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