Before Adam - London, Jack

Before Adam

Jack London

Yayınevi: Independently

Yayın tarihi: 10/2019

ISBN: 9781698649504

İngilizce | 224 Sayfa | 15,24 x 22,86 x 1,42 cm.

Tür: Roman Öykü

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Anything I read by Jack London I liked a lot and this novel was no exception although it wasn’t about sea adventures or wild dogs as is usually expected of him. I found Before Adam to be original, beautifully written and highly imaginative, which I think the author must have been inspired by Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species published in 1859 as this book was first serialized in 1906 and 1907 in Everybody's Magazine. I read its Kindle version.

The book begins with the dreams of its main character, a 20th-century man. In his dreams, he becomes a hominid who lived during the Mid-Pleistocene era. The modern man tells the readers the story of this hominid he calls Big Tooth, of the difficulty of survival in that time period, of grave dangers, love, hate, family, and friendship, but without melodrama.

Big Tooth’s best friend is Lop-Ear and Swift One is his love interest, later his partner. In the beginning, these people live in caves together with their tribe, the narrator calls the Folk. The Folk has a bigger hominid, Red Eye, among them who cruelly lords over them. Red Eye is Big Tooth’s mortal enemy. In addition, there are other hominid groups, like tree-dwelling Tree People who are Big Tooth’s original clan and much more advanced, goal-driven, but violent Fire People that easily take over the caves and kill or eat the cave-dwellers and they may have a crude form of language that the other groups lack. All hominids must also be mindful of the dangers of the savage nature and wild animals like the Saber-Tooth Tiger, wild-dog packs, boars, and snakes.

It is in this environment that Big Tooth lives and has his adventures. To find out what those adventures are, this story is well worth reading it.

Jack London, in the first several pages of the book, tells the readers in detail a theory of genetic inheritance, in which he claims the earliest human experiences are imprinted inside our genes, and he generously improvises details of the lives of early proto-humanoids. One thing I’ve appreciated is that he didn’t push on those early characters our humanly assets or vices.

Plus, the descriptions of the settings and the characters are excellent, and even though, the reader knows it is coming from the writer’s imagination, s/he tends to believe that they are real. Also, that the narrator puts this story together from his disjointed dreams excuses the holes left-out in the plot's construction.

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