C++ Plus Data Structures 5e ISE - DALE, NELL B.

C++ Plus Data Structures 5e ISE


Yayınevi: Jones and Bartlett

Yayın tarihi: 09/2011

ISBN: 9781449647100

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Written by renowned author and educator Nell Dale, C++ Plus Data Structures, Fifth Edition explores the specifications, applications, and implementations of abstract data types with unmatched accessibility. Updated with new case studies and exercises throughout, this edition provides intuitive explanations that clarify abstract concepts, and approaches the study of data structures with emphasis on computer science theory and software engineering principles. Topics such as modularization, data encapsulation, information hiding, object-oriented decomposition, algorithm analysis, life-cycle software verification models, and data abstraction are carefully presented to foster solid software engineering techniques. In addition to real-world exercises and case studies that define Nell Dale’s teaching philosophy, this Fifth Edition provides an increased emphasis on object-oriented design and an early introduction of object-oriented concepts.

Features & Benefits Object-oriented terminology now dominates computing vocabulary. Dale was careful to update all ADT names to reflect this terminology. Additional exercises have been added to most chapters. The Fifth Edition features the trademark Dale pedagogy and highlights numerous real-world, updated case studies. Each broad case study includes a description of the problem, an analysis of the problem's input and required output, and a discussion of the appropriate data types to use. Each chapter contains an average of 40 engaging exercises that span varying levels of difficulty. These exercises test students’ understanding of key concepts through various means, including programming problems and analysis of algorithm problems. Downloadable instructor resources include PowerPoint® lecture presentations, answers to end of chapter questions, a test bank, and an instructor’s manual containing goals, teaching notes, suggested in-class activities, and programming assignments for each chapter. Students and instructors can also access program source code to work out all the examples and exercises from the text.
  Applicable Courses

C++ Plus Data Structures, Fifth Edition assumes that students are familiar with the following C++ constructs; built-in simple data types, stream I/O as provided in <iostream>, stream I/O as provided in <fstream>, control structures while, do-while, for, if, and switch, user-defined functions with value and reference parameters, built-in array types, and class constructs.

Appropriate courses:

CS2/C102 with C++ Data Structures with C++

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