Cappadocia-Hypogea 2017 Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves - Parise, Mario

Cappadocia-Hypogea 2017 Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves

Mario Parise

Yayınevi: Ege

Yayın tarihi: 07/2017

ISBN: 9786059680370

İngilizce | 553 Sayfa | 21 x 30 cm

Tür: Arkeoloji

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GALEAZZI Carla, PARISE Mario / “HYPOGEA” The Official Brand of the International Congresses of Speleology in Artificial Cavities
DE PASCALE Andrea, SAJ Stefano / OPERA IPOGEA Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities
ANDALORO Maria, BORDI Giulia, BORDINO Chiara, POGLIANI Paola, VALENTINI Valeria / Signs on the rock. Red paintings in the valleys of Göreme and Kılıçlar (Turkey)
CALÒ Stefano, SANTUCCI Elettra / Hypogea with niches of southern Apulia. Examples of rural economy in medieval cave settlements of Salento
CARPICECI Marco, COLONNESE Fabio, INGLESE Carlo, ANGELINI Andrea / Model and experience. Measuring deformations of rupestrian architectures in the area of Göreme
KALAS Veronica / Rock-Cut Façades from Byzantine Cappadocia
KLEIN Eitan, ZISSU Boaz / Graffiti of Boats from the Hellenistic and Early Roman Period in Underground Chambers in the Judean Foothills, Israel
LAMESA Anaïs / If techniques help to date a monument… three cases studies
MORA Clelia, BALZA Maria Elena, BIXIO Roberto, DE PASCALE Andrea / A link between "ancient words" and the "underground world": Cappadocian landscape, rock-cut structures and textual evidence from Hittite documentation
POLIMENI Beniamino / Image-Based Modeling Techniques for Visualization and Analyses of Cave Dwellings
SHIVTIEL Yinon / Hiding Complexes in the Galilee, Israel-artificial refuges caves in the Early Roman Period
ALBOV Dmitry, ISAKOVA T.N., YANOVSKAIA E.G / Paleontological and physico-chemical methods for identification of limestone as a construction stone
CAMPAGNOLI Marco / Historical research and geological-structural stability problems in artificial cavities of Marche
COUPRIE Pierre / The consequence of erosion caused by watercourses on the conservation of cavities hollowed in the soft sedimentary stratus in Cappadocia
DAVTYAN Smbat / Cave Settlements in Volcanic Areas of the Armenian Republic
LAPENNA Vincenzo, LEUCCI Gianni, PARISE Mario, PORFYRIOU Heleni, GENOVESE Laura, VARRIALE Roberta / A project to promote the importance of the natural and cultural heritage of the underground environment in southern Italy
PARISE Mario / Engineering-geological studies on artificial cavities, aimed et evaluating the possibility of failures in underground settings
PONS-BRANCHU Edwige, ROY-BARMAN Matthieu, DUMONT Emmanuel, DUSERRE Gérard, LARGIER Jean-Luc,
GUILLERME André, FERNANDEZ Mathieu, BULTEZ Gilles, MALNAR Daniella, FOLIOT Lorna, THIL François,
DAPOIGNY Arnaud, DOUVILLE Eric, BRANCHU Philippe, PETILLON Gaelle, BORDIER Louise / Carbonate deposits in artificial galleries: chronology and past-environmental reconstruction. Case studies of Versailles Palace and Northern Paris underground aqueducts (France)

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