Clay : A Studio Handbook - Pitelka, Vince

Clay : A Studio Handbook

Vince Pitelka

Yayınevi: American Ceramic Society

Yayın tarihi: 12/2012

ISBN: 9781574983326

İngilizce | 368 Sayfa | Büyük boy  |  21,34x27,69x2,03 cm.

Tür: El Sanatları

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Drawing on his vast experience in ceramics, Vince Pitelka's Clay: A Studio Handbook is the most practical, all-inclusive studio handbook for students, studio artists, educators and all those interested in the art of clay. The ten chapters in Clay: A Studio Handbook address the full range of ceramic processes, and bring a lifetime of ceramic knowledge directly into the hands of potters. Concerned about safe and efficient studio operation, Pitelka pays diligent attention to safety practices.

Professional potters, students, teachers even serious weekend potters will find this book is their single best resource for gaining, retaining, and expanding a solid understanding of clay. And after that, this book helps you move your work forward, with detailed descriptions of techniques you may have tried and abandoned, or techniques you've been yearning to try out but didn't have clear guidelines for.

Nothing on earth is more essential, more organic, more basic than clay. Children play in the dirt. They make mudpies. Kids like that (if they're lucky) grow up to be potters like us. We have a freedom that's often hard to put into words a freedom to express joy, sorrow, hope, whimsy, and more in a medium that flows beneath our fingers like a river of creativity. When it dries, we coat it in the color of our own imagination and relinquish it to another of nature's most basic elements: fire. What comes out of the cooled kiln is a snapshot in time, a moment of history forever frozen in its place a beautiful piece in the present that could easily become an artifact of the past in a future we may never see.

As potters, as artists, we don't always see ourselves as playing a crucial role in history. But, then, neither did the first people who put hand to clay and made the first artistic expression of the human spirit in a form you could hold in your hand. Many of us work on instinct, on intuition beyond our time. But even with inspiration, the laws of physics still hold sway over the clay, and the more we know about its properties and potential, the farther we can take our work. There is such a vast amount of knowledge you need to excel as a ceramics artist, and no one head can hold all that information.

Clay: A Studio Handbook is your ideal guide, from choosing clay to setting up a studio. In ten thorough and clearly written chapters, Vince Pitelka demystifies some of the more complicated aspects of ceramics arts, and explains things in such clear detail that you'll almost feel as if he's in your studio with you!

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