Confessions of a Rogue Nuclear Regulator - Jaczko, Gregory B.

Confessions of a Rogue Nuclear Regulator

Gregory B. Jaczko

Yayınevi: Simon & Schuster's

Yayın tarihi: 01/2019

ISBN: 9781982115326

İngilizce | 208 Sayfa | 12,60 x 20,20 x 1,40 cm.

Tür: Politika - Dünya

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At Atomic Insights, I've published numerous articles critical of Greg Jaczko's actions while serving on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. In those articles, I occasionally attempted to discern his motives, d to speculate on his lack of technical understanding of the technology he was supposed to be enabling by keeping it acceptably safe, and to wonder about the sources of his apparent political power.

After reading his well-written, honest account, I no longer have to speculate. As he clearly explained, he knew NOTHING about nuclear power generation when he arrived in Washington with an esoteric physics degree. After producing a philosophical, theoretical theory on the behavior of baryons and mesons, he decided that he really didn't want a career in science. But full of personal ambition, he thought he might try landing a job in Washington.

He landed an AAAS fellowship, which meant that he would be free labor for a congressional office for 18 months. Congressman Ed Markey picked him from the roster of available fellows. During his 18 months in Markey's office, Jaczko learned strategies and tactics that were effective in Washington with an emphasis on Markey's special interest in "nuclear power plant safety" – which Mah-key has often used as code for "sabotaging nuclear plant economics whenever possible."

After finishing his fellowship, he was hired by Senator Harry Reid. In Jaczko's own words, the reason Reid hired him was that he was looking for "a scientist staffer to help him fight another nuclear power battle." That battle was killing the Yucca Mountain long term nuclear waste storage repository, an action Reid had been promising his Nevada constituents for decades.

Jaczko reveals the sordid story of how Reid took advantage of [abused] Senate traditions to force his chosen staffer onto the Nuclear Regulatory Commission despite bipartisan opposition and strong resistance from people who favor the use of nuclear energy as a major weapon in the battle against climate change and energy vulnerability (the opposite of energy dominance.)

Jaczko also provides a fascinating account of a White House meeting with Rahm Emanuel who told him in rather profane language that he was being given an important job regulating a technology that played a vital role in addressing climate change, one of President Obama's two highest priority issues. Rahm told him not to make trouble and not to eff it up. Jaczko left the office resolved to do his own thing and to "clean up" the NRC.

Anyway, I highly recommend Jaczko's "Confessions" for people interested in nuclear energy as a powerful tool for providing abundant, clean energy and wondering why the industry seems to be struggling so hard to compete with inferior power sources.

Jaczko has laid it all out and appropriately given himself a large slice of the credit for driving nuclear costs higher just when they needed to start falling. He brags about his role in slowing approvals for the new plants at Vogtle and Summer while acting surprised that they fell behind schedules created before his meddling occurred. He claims that the Fukushima accident, which did not harm anyone by exposure to radiation, proves that nuclear energy is not safe enough to be used anywhere.

That claim is completely devoid of understanding society's need for abundant, emission free energy and its acceptance of the fact that no technology is or needs to be perfect in order to be effectively used to help us thrive.

Jaczko's book highlights one of the major improvements in nuclear regulation that must be made. No single person should ever be granted such unilateral ability to sabotage such an important and useful technology. Jaczko acted in complete obedience to his congressional mentors, Markey and Reid, even when he was clearly informed that his actions were contrary to the President's agenda.

Read it. Learn from it. Help make the world a better place.

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