CORPORATEEQ - Understanding Emotions in Management - Girişken, Arzu

CORPORATEEQ - Understanding Emotions in Management

Arzu Girişken

Yayınevi: Nobel

Yayın tarihi: 10/2021

ISBN: 9786254066528

İngilizce | 140 Sayfa | 13,50 x 19,50 cm.

Tür: Finans-Muhasebe

  • 38,00 TL

İn the current competitive environment, focuslng on the development of human Capital is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for ali companies. Increasing the level of energy, motivation and passion of individuals vvithin an organization is key to increase productivity, decrease people turnover and improve the ability to cope with the increasingly frequent changes necessary to remain competitive in a hyper-competitive market.
İn this book, Dr. Arzu Girişken is clearly demonstrating how this approach, together with a relationship-oriented leadership, has a positive impact on the increase organisational emotional memory level, as well as, organizational innovation capacity ultimately leading to a superior performance of the vvhole organisation.
Massimiliano POGLIANI llly Global CEO
The pandemic due to the Corona Virüs has impacted corporations vvorldvvide, often forcing managementto choose betvveen bottom line and more humanistic considerations.
Inherent in these decisions is the concept of business emotional intelligence. İn Corporate EQ: Understanding and Managing Emotions, Dr. Girişken has given us some useful tools and insights to help navigate this new and difficult landscape.
Prof. Dr. Richard D. DE VEAUX
Vice President, American Statistical Association (ASA)
This book by Dr. Arzu Girişken takes an emotional look at businesses by these words: Emotions, Memory, Organization, İnnovation, Leadership, Performance, Employer, EQ.
This book is a must-have for anyone who is interested in these concepts. İt is bringing to life the state-of-the-art approaches which will be beneficial not only for students, but also for managers. İt is a work that blends ali these concepts and presents you with its fluent language and smooth flow.
Prof. Dr. A. Ercan GEGEZ
Dean, Altınbaş University Business School
Dr. Arzu Girişken’s fascinating book takes an intellectual dive into the Outlook of how companies are behaving during unprecedented times.
Dr. Girişken has insightfully brought together real-life innovate approaches connected to a relationship-oriented leadership, and with a perfectly blended fusion of the importance of increasing levels of motivation and passion among the vrorkforce of organizations.
Regional Managing Director, Ogilvy

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