Descendant : The Joshua Files : a prequel - Harris, M G

Descendant : The Joshua Files : a prequel

M G Harris

Yayınevi: Darkwater Books

Yayın tarihi: 10/2014

ISBN: 9781909072138

İngilizce | 314 Sayfa | 12,7x20,32x2,01 cm.

Tür: Gerilim-Korku

  • Temin Süresi 65 - 45 iş günü


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An ancient burial chamber lies buried near the ruins of the oldest city in the world. Its discovery remains a secret, guarded by a US intelligence agency. Unlocking its power could save the world from a cosmic catastrophe once predicted by an ancient civilization.
But what if someone wants the world to spiral into chaos? What if someone's been waiting, patiently, for a disaster that could plummet humanity back to a simpler, pre-technological time? And what if they don't care how many billions have to die to achieve their aim?
A prequel for older readers to the best-selling young-adult series, The Joshua Files.
THE DESCENDANT After meeting a fellow molecular geneticist at Mexico City airport, Jackson Bennett is passed a secret message. Moments later, his colleague is ‘disappeared’. With the help of archaeologist, Dr. Marie-Carmen Valencia, Jackson must solve a puzzle which begins with an enigmatic DNA code and ends with a long-forgotten, ancient burial chamber in Iraq. The two young scientists are dragged into a race to unlock human powers so ancient that the memory of them exists only in the human genome.
Praise for The Descendant:
"I enjoyed this book and breezed through it. It was a little mind candy, and everything you'd expect from a book about an Indiana Jones like professor who discovers a massive conspiracy to hide an ancient, possibly alien, civilization and a DNA sequence that gives their descendants mind-control powers. It was cheesy, far-fetched, and had all the classic conspiracy theories woven throughout. What can I say, I loved it." Isaac Morehouse
"This is real good hard SF with a molecular biology theme. The characters are interesting, the writing is good and the plot is one I wish I had written. We all know that the codons of DNA spell out a language of proteins. What if they were also an ancient written language? Can't tell you more or I'll spoil the plot." Kenn Brody
Written while author M.G. Harris was recuperating from a ski injury, the fictional world of The Descendant became the foundation of a best-selling, teen action-adventure series, The Joshua Files, which has been translated into 17 languages.
From The Descendant to the finale, Apocalypse Moon, this is a journey through a twisty plot involving codes, genetics, ancient history, government conspiracies, time-travel, parallel realities and a dystopian future.
First published after The Joshua Files concluded in 2012, The Descendant can be read as a standalone, before or after the five-part series. The story mainly takes places chronologically between the events of Invisible City (book 1) and Ice Shock (book 2), and includes characters who appear in the latter books of the series.
Praise for The Joshua Files. "As thrilling as a rollercoaster ride, this fantastical world of spies, spirits, ancient prophecies and hidden cities tests Josh to his limits and he comes to understand the conflicting demands of friendship, family, loyalty and duty." The BookTrust
"A fast-paced, first-person thriller. Her book’s Mexico setting is richly evoked, and its historical and conspiracy elements are convincingly delineated." Financial Times
“A very well crafted saga . . . these files are well worth diving into.” The Bookbag
“Gripping, fast-paced and exciting, this is sure to get the adrenaline pumping.” Lovereading4kids

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