Destino Final : Argentinas Death Flights during the Dirty War - Ceraudo, Giancarlo

Destino Final : Argentina's Death Flights during the Dirty War

Giancarlo Ceraudo

Yayınevi: Schilt

Yayın tarihi: 05/2016

ISBN: 9789053308646

Yazar : Miriam Lewin

Ciltli | İngilizce | 252 Sayfa | Büyük boy  |  19,99x24,51x2,59 cm.

Tür: Fotoğraf

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“They were unconscious: we undressed them and, when the commander of the flight gave us the
order, we opened the door and threw them out, naked, one by one. This is the true story, nobody
can deny it”. – Adolfo Scilingo, former officer of the Argentine Navy.
Destino Final is the Spanish term for “final destination”, the final arrival place of any plane trip.
For at least 5,000 people in opposition to the Argentine military dictatorship, this term gained an
atrocious meaning: drugged and loaded on military planes, infamously known as “death flights”,
they were thrown, still alive, in the final part of the Rio de la Plata, just before it reaches the
Atlantic Ocean, their final, definitive destination.
From 1976 until 1983, a military dictatorship governed Argentina. During the dictatorship, the
military waged a war against “subversion,” known in the international press as the so-called
Guerra Sucia, the Dirty War, and attempted to purge the country of all individuals they
considered to be “subversives.” An estimated 30,000 people died at the hands of the military,
which executed a systematic plan to exterminate subversives in concentration camps.
Some of these centres were located on military premises. Others, right in the middle of the city, at
regular houses, in front of everybody’s eyes. Today, many of the buildings are in the same
conditions they where at that time. 4,000 detainees, imprisoned in these centers were killed. Just a
few of their bodies were recovered. Their families are still looking for their remains and are
seeking punishment for the guilty. Hundreds of grandmothers await the identification of their
grandchildren born in captivity and robbed by the military.
During the development of the project Destino Final, photographer Giancarlo Ceraudo, together
with Miriam Lewin, a journalist and ex-desaparecida (disappeared), begun an investigation that
brought to the discovery, after more than 30 years, of five Navy planes used for the “death
flights”, and most importantly, of the detailed flight plans. Everything was recorded: the plane
model, series number, day, itinerary, pilot’s name, mission duration... What has been discovered
by the two journalists is now seen by prosecutors as proof and is used for indictments. Lawyers
have already renamed them “the most important documents on the dictatorship found in the last
10 years”. All these documents are now in the hands of judicial authorities and trial cases have
been re-opened and are currently in progress.
Giancarlo Ceraudo’s photographic investigation, developed over more than eight years,
documents this discovery, as well as the work of the forensic anthropologists, the tenacious fight
of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, the citizen protests, and the on-going court trials. The emotional
core of the work is the portrayal of the few survivors, as well as the relatives of desaparecidos,
and the interiors of the detention and tortures center which were the stage for these atrocious
events, and trace the dark side of Argentina’s modern history.
The photographs are accompanied by documents and material regarding the investigation on the
“death flights”. The main text of the book is written by Miriam Lewin. The introduction is by
Horatio Verbitsky. Shorter contributions by the famous Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón Real who
took the Argentine naval officer Adolfo Scilingo successfully to trial (he is serving 30 years in a
Spanish prison now, sentenced for crimes against humanity), by Enrique Piñeyro on analysing the
discovered flight plans, by Taty Almeida – one of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo – on her
desparecido son, and by Carlos “Maco” Somigliana on the work of the forensic anthropologists in
this investigation.

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