Disorders of Articulation : Aspects of Dysarthria and Verbal Dyspraxia : Volume 7 - Edwards, Margaret

Disorders of Articulation : Aspects of Dysarthria and Verbal Dyspraxia : Volume 7

Margaret Edwards

Yayınevi: Springer

Yayın tarihi: 10/2013

ISBN: 9783709187371

İngilizce | 148 Sayfa | 16,99x24,41x0,86 cm.

Tür: Tıp-Sağlık

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The title of this book may at first appear to be somewhat restrictive in its use of terminology. However, this is far from the intention of the writer; on the contrary, the following chapters seek to reflect a departure from the traditional segmentally orientated approach to this type of disability. Indeed one reason why the book has been written is the sense of frustration arising out of the largely ineffectual static and structural methodology of remedial work. Alternative titles could have been Disorders of Speech Production, or Neurogenic Speech Disorders, but neither would have encapsulated the essence of the book. Much of the recent research in the neurophysiology of motor control and also in the field of neurolinguistics has been concerned with ways in which intention and planning of movement is effected. Such models are still in their infancy, but it seems the potential value of their application to speech is considerable. In the case of verbal dysp'taxia, for example, we have long since in rather vague terms described it as a disorder of organization and programming without ever stating exactly what may be disorganized or not properly planned. This book does not provide the answer for as yet there is insufficient data on which to work so that formulated theories may be tested and further defined. But as we move from speculative guess-work towards established fact so the likelihood grows of providing more positive help for those who suffer these drastic limitations in communication.

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