Does God Exist : Logical Foundations of the Cosmalogical Argument - Hacınebioğlu, İsmail Latif

Does God Exist : Logical Foundations of the Cosmalogical Argument

İsmail Latif Hacınebioğlu

Yayınevi: İnsan

ISBN: 9786055949044

Ciltli | İngilizce | 260 Sayfa |

Tür: Din / Genel

The cosmological argument that has deep philosophical and historical roots, especially in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, is one of the most important arguments for logical, epistemological and methodological discussions about the existence of God. Among the theological, ontological, moral and teleological arguments for the existence of God there has recently been a significant revival of interest and speculation concerning the cosmological argument.
As Hacinebioglu notes, this is not only due to philosophical discussions of considerable depth and profundity from Plato to Leibnitz, but also due to the recent developments in physics and astronomy, the emergence of the Big Bang theory and related advances in the field of quantum physics, the scientific community, which seems to have moved much closer to the idea of the universe having had a beginning.
Hacinebioglu, attempts to present a unified framework for understanding the logic of the cosmological argument by expounding its religious context and its philosophical and scientific background as he focuses on three specific approaches to the cosmological argument: Thomistic, Leibnizian and Kalam.

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