Down the Nile : Alone in a Fishermans Skiff  - Mahoney, Rosemary

Down the Nile : Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff

Rosemary Mahoney

Yayınevi: Little Brown

Yayın tarihi: 11/2007

ISBN: 9780316107457

Ciltli | İngilizce | 288 Sayfa | 234 x 153 mm

Tür: Gezi İzlenim-Seyahatname

  • Temin Süresi 28 - 42 iş günü


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Two hundred years after Napoleon invaded Egypt - opening the Nile Valley to eager scholars and travelers for the first time since the Arab conquest of AD 642 - Rosemary Mahoney embraced her own curiosity about the Nile. A rower and self-declared loner, she was determined to take a solo trip down the river in a small boat, even though civil unrest and local traditions would conspire against her along the way. Starting off in the south, she gained the unlikely sympathy and respect of Amr, a Muslim sailor, who provided her with both a seven-foot skiff for the first leg of her journey and a window into the culturally and materially impoverished lives of rural Egyptians - especially those of women, like his lonely and endearing sister, Hoda.

Egyptian women simply don't row on the Nile, and tourists - the basis of Egypt's economy - aren't allowed to for safety's sake. So once she had secured a boat and freed herself of companions, Mahoney left port in the dark of night; by day, she wrapped her head in a white cotton shirt and took on the intense Egyptian glare without sunglasses to escape detection. She endured blistering heat, a threatening Jimi Hendrix look-alike, and a terror of crocodiles while sleeping alone in her boat - all for the exhilaration of ancient ruins appearing suddenly on the horizon and the shock of a traveler's happiness that she describes as "a physical feeling of lightness, of weightlessness, like drifting on air." Whether she's confronting deeply held beliefs about non-Muslim women, finding connections to past chroniclers of the Nile, painting a vivid picture of a "creamy coffee-colored" stretch of the river, or coming to the dramatic realization that fear can engender unwarranted violence, Mahoney's informed curiosity about the world, her prose, and her wit never fail to captivate.

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