Duchess (Of Malfi) - Harris, Zinnie

Duchess (Of Malfi)

Zinnie Harris

Yayınevi: Faber and Faber

Yayın tarihi: 05/2019

ISBN: 9780571355389

İngilizce | 96 Sayfa | 12,70 x 19,40 x 1,40 cm.

Tür: Oyun

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"...One met the duke 'bout midnight in a lane
Behind Saint Mark's church, with the leg of a man
Upon his shoulder; and he howl'd fearfully;
Said he was a wolf, only the difference
Was, a wolf's skin was hairy on the outside,
His on the inside; bade them take their swords,
Rip up his flesh, and try."

The Duchess of Malfi is John Webster's masterpiece, and justly renowned as the Jacobean drama par excellence. A young widow, rich and beautiful, secretly marries her steward, against the wishes of her brothers, a cardinal and a judge, who have insinuated Bosola, a convicted murderer, into her household as "intelligencer." One brother, Ferdinand, is insanely jealous of his sister:

"CARDINAL. __ __ __ Shall our blood,
The royal blood of Arragon and Castile,
Be thus attainted?
FERDINAND. __ __ Apply desperate physic:
We must not now use balsamum, but fire,
The smarting cupping-glass, for that 's the mean
To purge infected blood, such blood as hers.
There is a kind of pity in mine eye,--
I 'll give it to my handkercher; and now 'tis here,
I 'll bequeath this to her bastard.
CARDINAL. __ __ __What to do?
FERDINAND. Why, to make soft lint for his mother's wounds,
When I have hew'd her to pieces... "

Unlike the Kindle edition of The White Devil, this edition has some notes and glosses. Coming as they do at the end, they seem like crossword clues without a crossword:

<5> At the expense of. <6> Rolls of lint used to dress wounds. <7> Surgeons. <8> A small horse. <9> Ballasted. <10> A lively dance. <11> Throws into the shade. <12> At the point of. <13> Coaches. <14> Spy. <15> Cheats. <16> Spy. <17> Malfi. Gallery in the Duchess' palace. <18> Lustful. <19> Genesis xxxi., 31-42. <20> The net in which he caught Venus and Mars. <21> Housekeepers. <22> Produced. <23> Qq. read STRANGE. <24> Guess. <25> The phrase used to indicate that accounts had been examined and found correct. <26> Using words of present time; i.e., "I take," not "I will take."

To use the notes, one would have to go to the end of the book, page back to the beginning of the notes, bookmark that location, and then jump to the bookmarked location when needed. Proof that Project Gutenberg started aeons ago.

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