Effective Clasroom Management Practices - Çiçek, Volkan

Effective Clasroom Management Practices

Volkan Çiçek

Yayınevi: İdeal Kültür ve Yayıncılık

Yayın tarihi: 02/2014

ISBN: 9786055729479

İngilizce | 335 Sayfa | 14 x 23 cm.

Tür: Eğitim (Genel)

  • 85,00 TL

How can we establish a liberating system of classroom management that allows us establish order to be able to manage and maintain the process of students’ learning while at the same time keeping their self- esteem high enough so that they also mature emotionally in a healthy way? Taking into consideration the conditions of today’s globalized world and the characteristics of the teenagers that arise with it; it seems the magical answer lies within an integrated approach, which harnesses contributions from all affiliated parties in achieving education that are students, teachers, administrators, other school personnel, parents, policy makers, local community and community at large. Societies and their expectations shaping the future generations may change; however a system and a model that are not natural cannot succeed and how can we measure that? If it takes a teacher hundred times to practice and absorb a model to be able to naturally model it, then most probably it is not natural, which is one of the major reasons why we see increasingly burned out teachers around us; teachers that are overwhelmed by the unnaturally tense and stressful classroom environments. Thus, from another aspect a successful classroom management model should be the one, in which both the teachers and students do not have to give up their identities for the sake of reaching the targeted goals of education and professionalism and feel happy

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