Elementary and Middle School Mathematics 6e - Van De Walle, John A.

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics 6e

John A. Van De Walle

Yayınevi: Allyn & Bacon

Yayın tarihi: 10/2006

ISBN: 9780205493968

İngilizce | 576 Sayfa |

Tür: Eğitim  |  Matematik-İstatistik

This leading K-8 math methods text has the most coverage of the NCTM standards, the strongest coverage of middle school mathematics, and the highest student approval of any text currently available. Elementary and Middle School Mathematics provides an unparalleled depth of ideas and discussion to help students develop a real understanding of the mathematics they will teach. John Van de Walle, one of the foremost experts on how children learn mathematics, finds that 80 percent of the students who purchase this book keep it for reference when they begin their professional teaching careers. This text reflects the NCTM Principles and Standards and the benefits of constructivist-or student-centered-mathematics instruction. Moreover, it is structured for maximum flexibility, offering 24 brief, compartmentalized chapters that may be mixed and matched to fit any course or teaching approach.

Section I Teaching Mathematics: Foundations and Perspectives chapter
1 Teaching Mathematics in the Era of the NCTM Standards chapter
2 Exploring What It Means to Do Mathematics chapter
3 Developing Understanding in Mathematics chapter
4 Teaching Through Problem Solving chapter
5 Planning in the Problem-Based Classroom chapter
6 Building Assessment into Instruction chapter
7 Teaching Mathematics Equitably to All Children chapter
8 Technology and School Mathematics Section II Development of Mathematical Concepts and Procedures chapter
9 Developing Early Number Concepts and Number Sense chapter
10 Developing Meanings for the Operations chapter
11 Helping Children Master the Basic Facts chapter
12 Whole-Number Place-Value Development chapter
13 Strategies for Whole-Number Computation chapter
14 Computational Estimation with Whole Numbers chapter
15 Algebraic Thinking: Generalizations, Patterns, and Functions chapter
16 Developing Fraction Concepts chapter
17 Computation with Fractions chapter
18 Decimal and Percent Concepts and Decimal Computation chapter
19 Proportional Reasoning chapter
20 Developing Measurement Concepts chapter
21 Geometric Thinking and Geometric Concepts chapter
22 Concepts of Data Analysis chapter
23 Exploring Concepts of Probability chapter
24 Developing Concepts of Exponents, Integers, and Real Numbers
A Principles and Standards for School Mathematics: Content Standards and Grade Level Expectations appendix
B Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics: Teaching Standards appendix
C Guide to Blackline Masters References Index

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