Essays Of Arthur Schopenhauer : The Art Of Literature - Schopenhauer, Arthur

Essays Of Arthur Schopenhauer : The Art Of Literature

Arthur Schopenhauer

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Schopenhauer is one of the key essential philosophers that kept the Socrates - Plato - Aristotle philosophies that was lost in the dark ages, then picked up again by Kant. With Kant cleared the none sense from philosophy with his Critique of pure reason, and Schopenhauer carried the Logic and Reason and pushed them to the more refine logical and rational level. Schopenhauer work has lead to new era of Reason, progress, and linguistic. This has lead to Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein atomic logic and help people like master of linguistic like Noam Chomsky that lead to our golden age of Roots of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, search engines, pattern recognition, Cybernetics, machine learning, neural network and programming, fuzzy, Modern Psychology, NLP, and many tools that has made our current infrastructure of information age and modern age.
Schopenhauer also has influence many many more of the geniuses, His biggest influence on Einstein regarding the time and space, regarding the subjective observer on objective life. He inculcated the subkective observer and retaionship of time and space in Enstien that led to biggest break through in physics and our way of thinking regrading relativity time, space, gravitational force, and energy and matter with his famous EMC2 formula.
Schopenhauer writings are pure jewel, if they get observe in the deepest level, it will transforms minds and expands minds. It will cut through many delusional thinking that plague us now. It will show us the fabric of reality as best can be explain. Specially with the prerequisites of Principle of Sufficient reason book that leads to the The world as will idea on his three volumes follow up, and other books his maxim and etc..

I found Schopenhauer one of the key thinkers that linked us and upheld logic and rationality and carried the torch of this progressive thinking verses the fundamentalism and rhetoric that imbues the society with mime virus of poison of fear for mind control the masses.

Schopenhauer opens your mind against rhetoric of the mass mind control that being spurred upon us daily.

Schopenhauer is antivirus - cure for this rhetoric fear infections and freedom from mind control.

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