Evolution of Management Thought 6E : Revised Edition - WREN, Daniel A.

Evolution of Management Thought 6E : Revised Edition

Daniel A. WREN

Yayınevi: John Wiley High Education

Yayın tarihi: 02/2009

ISBN: 9780470128978

Ciltli | İngilizce | 560 Sayfa | 161 mm x 233 mm

Tür: İşletme-Pazarlama

The sixth edition of author Daniel Wren's classic text provides a comprehensive understanding of the origin and development of ideas in management. This text traces the evolution of management thought from its earliest days to the present, by examining the backgrounds, ideas and influences of its major contributors. Every chapter in the sixth edition of "The Evolution of Management Thought" has been thoroughly reviewed and updated to convey an appreciation of the people and ideas underlying the development of management theory and practice.

The authors' intent is to place various theories of management in their historical context, showing how they've changed over time. The text does this in a chronological framework, yet each part is designed as a separate and self-contained unit of study; substantial cross-referencing provides the opportunity for connecting earlier to later developments as a central unifying theme.

Part I Early Management Thought
1 A Prologue to the Past
2 Management Before Industrialization
3 The Industrial Revolution: Problems and Perspective
4 Management Pioneers in the Early Factory
5 The Industrial Revolution in the United States
6 Industrial Growth and Systematic Management
Part II The Scientific Management Era
7 The Advent of Scientific Management
8 Spreading the Gospel of Efficiency
9 The Human Factor: Preparing the Way
10 The Emergence of the Management Process and Organization Theory
11 Scientific Management in Theory and Practice
12 Scientific Management in Retrospect
Part III The Social Person Era
13 The Hawthorne Studies
14 The Search for Organizational Integration
15 People and Organizations
16 Organizations and People
17 Human Relations in Concept and Practice
18 The Social Person Era in Retrospect
Part IV The Modern Era
19 Management Theory and Practice
20 Organizational Behavior and Organization Theory
21 Science and Systems in Management

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