Food Or War - Cribb, Julian

Food Or War

Julian Cribb

Yayınevi: Cambridge University Press

Yayın tarihi: 10/2019

ISBN: 9781108712903

İngilizce | 350 Sayfa | 13,60 x 21,20 x 2,20 cm.

Tür: Uluslararası İlişkiler  |  Ekoloji

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'Food, like air, water, soil and biodiversity, is one of humankind's most fundamental needs, a source of joy and creator of community. The eco-crises of climate change and loss of biodiversity reveal the total unsustainability of the current global food system. This book is an urgent call for recognition that the inescapable need for change also brings enormous opportunities.' David Suzuki, Award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster

'Food or War targets an issue that touches every human life, every day: food. And that, without it, people fight. It shows that our 'jawprint' is the heaviest of all our impacts on our finite planet - and that, for civilisation to survive, how we produce food must change ... Anyone with an interest in either the human future or food should read this clear, authoritative, scary book. So should all first-year college classes.' Paul R. Ehrlich, co-author of Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic

'Throughout history, food has been both a tool and a consequence of conflict and migration, which continues today exacerbated by arable land lost to cities, unreliable climate and excess consumption in rich nations while millions remain malnourished elsewhere. Cribb's analysis is urgently apposite, as is his practical call for a sustainable, nourishing and resilient global food system.' Lindsay Falvey, University of Melbourne

'Wars rage on in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, in part driven by food shortages. What to do? ... We can turn this imbalance around. Cribb points the way in this must-read book.' Tim Fischer, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, and Chair of the Global Crop Trust with Seed Vault in Svalbard and HQ in Bonn, Germany

'Julian Cribb's comprehensive and thoughtful plan to deal with an impending global food security disaster deserves coordinated and urgent consideration by the UN FAO and all national governments.' Michael Jeffery, former Governor General of Australia

'Access to this book will enrich deliberations on critical issues of global food supply, dealing with refugees and poverty, and the food/land/water nexus. The evidence-based approach, integration across issues, and presentation of opportunities for the future make this text stand out from the crowd. It is highly recommended.' Kath Bowmer, former Deputy Chief of CSIRO Land and Water and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Charles Sturt University, Queensland

'On an increasingly crowded planet that is itself subject to an existential threat, Cribb focuses this book on the 'Food Challenge', its magnitude and urgency. We have much to think about and prepare.' John Hewson, Australian National University, and former Federal Liberal and Opposition Leader

'Food or War details the consequences for the global food supply that humanity faces due to the cascading impacts of climate, resource scarcity, toxicity and other threats - and provides workable solutions. I am convinced that this is going to be one of the most cited books and will be an important source of guidance for future generations. I recommend this book to every single person who loves the planet they live on and cares for the future of their grandkids.' Razia Shaik, Charles Sturt University, Queensland

'Drawing on his extensive scientific and historical knowledge, Cribb takes us on a grim and tightly argued odyssey to the edge of the Earth. He holds our hand while we stare into the abyss. Frightening. Having outlined the reality of our tenuous hold on the supports of life, he offers creative and imaginative solutions. A must-read for anyone who cares about the future of humanity.' Bruce Haigh, former Australian diplomat and refugee advocate

'In a time when we are absorbed in populist, political nonsense, Julian Cribb brings us to heel with the existential threat we face, in simple language; he joins all the dots.' The Honourable John Kerin, former Australian Minister for Primary Industry

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