Froggy Goes to School - London, Jonathan

Froggy Goes to School

Jonathan London

Yayınevi: Puffin Books

Yayın tarihi: 09/1998

ISBN: 9780140562477

İngilizce | 32 Sayfa | 17,53 x 22,10 x 0,25 cm.

Tür: 0-6 Yaş Okuma Kitapları

  • 48,00 TL

Is Froggy nervous about the first day of school? Well, just a little. First he has a terrible nightmare, dreaming that he almost misses the bus and shows up at school in his underwear. Then when he does wake up, he drops the milk just as he's about to pour some on his bowl of flies! Finally Froggy makes it out the door, leapfrogging the whole way, eager for all the challenges that await him in this comical, brightly illustrated tale of a daunting-but-rewarding first day at school.

Terrific for reading aloud, this is another winner in the Froggy series--including Froggy Gets Dressed, Froggy Learns to Swim, and Froggy Plays Soccer. Zip, zoop, zup are the sounds of Froggy getting dressed, and when he has to go somewhere, it's flop, flop, flop all the way. Our 5-year-old assistant reviewer had fun imitating Froggy and friends, shouting out "Frrrooggyy!" and "Wha-a-a-a-t?" at all the appropriate times. Kids will relate to the trials of the good-natured amphibian who makes lots of mistakes--he yells too loud, interrupts, and has trouble paying attention. With the support of his gentle teacher, however, he soon gets the hang of things. Before long, funny Froggy has the class, and the principal, laughing and singing along with him. All in all, he has a successful day--until he comes home to discover he's left his lunch box and cap at school! "Oh, Froggy. Will you ever learn?" said his mother. "That's why I'm going to school, Mom!" Froggy replies, with a big hop and a grin. (Ages 3 to 6) --Marianne Painter

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