Geology of Southwest Gondwana  - Siegesmund, Siegfried

Geology of Southwest Gondwana

Siegfried Siegesmund

Yayınevi: Springer Verlag

Yayın tarihi: 02/2018

ISBN: 9783319689197

Editör : Miguel Angelo Stipp Basei Pedro Oyhantçabal Sebastian Oriolo

Ciltli | İngilizce | 688 Sayfa | 21,31x28,8x3,2 cm.

Tür: Çevre-Yer Bilimleri

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This book focuses on the geological evolution of Southwest (SW) Gondwana and presents state-of-the-art insights into its evolution. It addresses the diachronic assembly of continental fragments derived from the break-up of the Rodinia supercontinent later amalgamated to build SW Gondwana during the Neoproterozoic–Cambrian transition, which on a global scale includes parts of present-day South America, Africa and Madagascar. The book presents 24 state-of-the-art reviews including the most crucial controversies. Most experienced scientists about the geology of SW Gondwana from Europe, Africa, South America and Australia present contributions on key areas addressing the interactions between the main cratons and fold belts on both sides of the South Atlantic Ocean. Chapters related to the geology of the major
Archean- Paleoproterozoic cratons and Neoproterozoic Brasiliano/Pan-African fold belts enable readers to gain an in-depth understanding of the tectonometamorphic and magmatic evolution of SW Gondwana. The book covers a wide range of issues including metallogenetic, sedimentary, paleobiological and paleoclimatic processes and allows a deep insight into this key period of the Earth’s evolution.

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