Global Migration and the World Economy : Two Centuries of Policy and Performance - Hatton, T.J.

Global Migration and the World Economy : Two Centuries of Policy and Performance

T.J. Hatton

Yayınevi: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262083423

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A uniquely comprehensive look at 200 years of world mass migration by two economists who show how economie history can inform contemporary debate. World mass migration began in the early nineteenth century, when advances in transportation technology and industrial revolutions at home enabled increasing numbers of people to set off for other parts of the globe in search of a better life. Two centuries later, there is no distant Asian, African, or Latin American village that is not within reach of some high-wage OECD labour market. This book is the first comprehensive economic assessment of world mass migration taking a long-run historical perspective, including north-north, south-south, and south-north migrations. Timothy Hatton and Jeffrey Williamson, both economists and economic historians, consider two centuries of global mobility, assessing its impact on the migrants themselves as well as on the sending and receiving countries.

Global Migration and the World Economy covers two great migration waves: the first, from the 1820s to the beginning of World War 1, when immigration was largely unrestricted; the second, beginning in 1950, when mass migration continued to grow despite policy restrictions. The book also explores the period between these two global centuries when world migration shrank sharply because of two world wars, immigration quotas, and a great depression. The authors assess the economic performance of these world migrations, the policy reactions to deal with them, and the political economy that connected one with the other. The last third of Global Migration and the World Economy focuses on modern experience and shows how contemporary debates about migration performance and policy can be informed by a comprehensive historical perspective.

1 Goals and guidelines
2 Evolving world migrations since Columbus
3 The transition to mass migration : how it all began
4 What drove European mass emigration?
5 Emigrant origins and immigrant outcomes
6 The impact of mass migration on convergence and inequality
7 Mass migrations in the poor periphery
8 Political debate and policy backlash
9 The demise of mass migration and its impact
10 Resurrection : world migration since World War II
11 World migration under policy constraints
12 Where are all the Africans?
13 The rise (and fall?) of asylum seeking
14 The labor market and fiscal impact of immigration
15 Migrant selection, immigrant assimilation, and emigrant brain drain
16 Policy and prejudice
17 Policy and performance
18 World mass migration : past, present, and future

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