Go West! :The Great North American Railroad Adventure - Blanchet, Pascal

Go West! :The Great North American Railroad Adventure

Pascal Blanchet

Yayınevi: Wide Eyed Editions

Yayın tarihi: 04/2018

ISBN: 9781786033437

Ciltli | İngilizce | 80 Sayfa | Büyük boy  |  24,89 x 34,04 x 1,52 cm.

Tür: 7-10 Yaş Okuma Kitapları

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If I could give this book a 100-star rating, I definitely would.
Wide-Eyed Editions, you will soon break my piggy bank :)

It is a locomotive book with rich historical information.

I was at first not sure what to expect because I thought the market already has an excellent locomotive book for kids which I adore and I read it often to my kid. But "Go West!" proved to me talented writers and illustrators have no boundaries in creating magic.

Instead of telling a story, "Go West!" brings readers on board to travel from the west coast to the east in the year of 1836. With multiple stops along the way, readers learn about random historical facts of those places. Fun facts, in fact, nothing is boring. As an adult, I have even learned a few new things myself, too.

To begin with, this is definitely NOT just a picture book for kids but for adults as well. The vintage, art deco style illustrations are simply to die for but they might be slightly too sophisticated for younger kids to appreciate. Just because younger kids might not know how to "appreciate" does not mean they don't enjoy it. My 4yo was ecstatic when I was reviewing the e-gallery on my laptop.

The layout of the timeline is great overall but sometimes seems confusing if not paying close attention to details. Remember that readers are supposed to be the passengers in the present time in 1836, the text used therefore is in present tense. However, whenever the content is about something that happened after 1836, the text then switches to using past tense. There is a confusing of "role-play" in a sense that I have to jump between being a passenger in 1836 and as a reader in the bi-millennium. If I have to make a slight complain about the book, the disruption of the timeline would be the only thing I find is flawed. Since "Go West!" is not a story book, the time disruption is an insignificant flaw unless the role-play as a passenger means a lot to me, which it isn't obviously.

Great work, Wide Eyed Editions! I simply can't wait for its publication date because I so do want to own the physical copy immediately! I have already mentioned the book to several of my friends and cousins who have kids with interests in trains. Thanks for the generosity of providing me an e-gallery to review.

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