Healthy Vegetable Garden - Morgan, Sally

Healthy Vegetable Garden

Sally Morgan

Yayınevi: Chelsea Green Publishing

Yayın tarihi: 09/2021

ISBN: 9781645020646

İngilizce | 224 Sayfa | 17,8 x 24,7 cm

Tür: Bahçe - Botanik

  • 456,28 TL

In The Healthy Vegetable Garden, expert organic gardener Sally Morgan explains how to use natural approaches to cope with the challenges of a changing climate through principles from regenerative gardening, agroecology, and permaculture-all to help your green space thrive.

The Healthy Vegetable Garden shows you how to:

    Combat disease and keep pests at bay with natural predators, companion planting, and trap and barrier crops
    Choose the right plants to attract pollinators and pest predators
    Build a healthy soil full of organic matter, earthworms, and mycorrhizal fungi
    Regenerate soil through no-dig practices, composting, cover crops, and mulching
    Boost biodiversity through the use of crop rotations and polyculture
    Rewild your garden by creating a range of habitats, making use of walls and fences, log piles, water features, and wild corners
    Understand plant defenses and use biocontrols
    Make natural barriers, traps, and lures


A healthy, productive garden should work in harmony with nature to produce and protect delicious fruits and vegetables and build a rich soil that is full of life. With The Healthy Vegetable Garden, growers of all levels will start reducing incidents of pests and diseases while creating a verdant habitat-all without the need for fertilizers, pesticides, or weedkillers.

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