History of ESPORTS - San, Hirako

History of ESPORTS

Hirako San

Yayınevi: Independently

Yayın tarihi: 12/2018

ISBN: 9781791668426

İngilizce | 267 Sayfa | 15,24 x 22,86 x 1,70 cm.

Tür: Spor

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Why do people play video games? Why do they play games competitively, pushing themselves deeper and deeper into a virtual world?

There isn’t one answer. Reasons vary greatly from person to person and you’d have to decode the fibers that make up the individual to know his or her every motivation.

Who knows what leads people to dedicate themselves to mastery of a form like this? This is a form dismissed by millions as a waste of time, enjoyed by millions more still and deeply delved into by only a select few.Why would a person focus their energy on pushing themselves and their games beyond prescribed limits? 

Why would hundreds of thousands of fans sit with eyes wide, following the every move of the champion, the one who has dedicated 10,000 hours to be the best?

This book provides a walk through decades of video gaming evolution, profiling some of the most prominent pro gamers' path, success and outcome.

Games debut and history

The Beginning (1950s)Atari's Peak (1972)The Golden Age of Arcade (1980s)Hello, Nintendo (1981)Real-Time Strategy (1981-1990)Rise of Nintendo (1983-1990)Wolfenstein 3D and Doom (1992-1995)Quake (1996)Warcraft and the 90s RTS boom (1994)StarCraft (1998)
Counter-Strike (1999)Pokemon (1999-2008)Super Smash Bros. (1999-2008)Madden and FIFA (2000s)
Halo (2001-2006)Warcraft 3 (2002-2009)Call of Duty (2003-2012)
World of Warcraft (2004-2010)
Dystopia (2005)StarCraft 2 (2007)
Team Fortress 2 (2007-2012)
Street Fighter renaissance (2008)DotA (2009)

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