Horizons 10e : Exploring the Universe ISE - Seeds, Michael A.

Horizons 10e : Exploring the Universe ISE

Michael A. Seeds

Yayınevi: Cengage : Brooks / Cole

ISBN: 9780495113638

İngilizce | 552 Sayfa |

Tür: Fizik-Astronomi

With his best-selling astronomy textbook, HORIZONS, author Mike Seeds helps you understand your place in the universe-not just your location in space, but your role in the unfolding history of the physical universe. To achieve this goal, he focuses on two central questions: "What Are We?," which highlights your place as a planet dweller in an evolving universe, guiding you to better understand where we came from and how we formed, and "How Do We Know?," which provides insights into how the process of science can teach us more about what we are.

Each new copy of the text includes access to ThomsonNOW™, an online personalized learning system that will save you time in studying and help you prepare for exams through a series of diagnostic tests and personalized study plans.

Part I: THE SKY.
1. The Scale of the Cosmos.
2. The Sky.
3. The Cycles of the Sky.
4. The Origin of Modern Astronomy.
5. Astronomical Tools.
6. Starlight and Atoms.
7. The Sun-Our Star.
8. The Family of Stars.
9. The Formation and Structure of Stars.
10. The Deaths of Stars.
11. Neutron Stars and Black Holes.
12. The Milky Way Galaxy.
13. Galaxies.
14. Galaxies with Active Nuclei.
15. Cosmology in the 21st Century.
16. The Origin of the Solar System.
17. Comparative Planetology of the Terrestrial Planets.
18. Comparative Planetology of the Outer Planets.
19. Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets.
Part V: LIFE.
20. Life on Other Worlds. Afterword.
Appendix A: Units and Astronomical Data.
Appendix B: Observing the Sky. Glossary. Answers to Even-Numbered Problems.

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