How to Teach Your New Puppy Old Dog Tricks : 101 Tips for Temperament & Behavior Traning - Kolektif

How to Teach Your New Puppy Old Dog Tricks : 101 Tips for Temperament & Behavior Traning


Yayınevi: Atlantic Books

Yayın tarihi: 12/2013

ISBN: 9781601385956

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If you have ever met an unruly dog or have owned a dog that misbehaves or doesn t listen to commands, then you know how frustrating it can be. You also know how valuable manners and obedience training can be to making owning a pet a pleasant experience. You don t have to be a dog whisperer to teach your puppy the basic skills and commands it needs to know in order to behave, and any dog owner can teach his or her puppy advanced tricks and techniques that it will stick with for its entire life. Behavioral problems are the primary reasons pets are turned in to shelters, according to From the Heart Animal Behavior Counseling and Dog Training. Teaching your puppy tricks and behavior skills is easy, especially while it s young. A good training foundation will help your dog be more obedient, will tap into its natural instincts and desires to be led, can help it behave better around unfamiliar people and dogs, and can potentially save its life listening to a command can be the difference between your precious puppy running into traffic or leaping into your arms when it is called. Training can also develop trust between you and your dog, and it will deepen the relationship you have. There are many training methods, and the wealth of information that can be found can be confusing. Who do you listen to? Which site do you trust? This book has compiled everything you need to know into one dependable source. We ve talked to pet behavior specialists, veterinarians, and professional dog trainers to bring you everything you need to know to teach your dog basic and advanced commands. How to Teach Your New Puppy Old Dog Tricks: 101 Tips for Temperament & Behavior Training will guide you through teaching your dog basic commands like how to sit, stay, lie down, come when called, heel, roll over, shake, get off of furniture, retrieve, and speak. It will also show you how to teach your dog more advanced commands and training techniques, such as how to play dead, kiss, dig, ring a bell, cross its paws, turn around, jump through a hoop, crawl, dance, and tons more.

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