Image of Turkey : Perceptions of South Caucasian Students Studying in Turkey - Bozkuş, Yıldız Deveci

Image of Turkey : Perceptions of South Caucasian Students Studying in Turkey

Yıldız Deveci Bozkuş

Yayınevi: Akademisyen Kitabevi

Yayın tarihi: 03/2021

ISBN: 9786257354400

İngilizce | 80 Sayfa | 13,5 x 21 cm

Tür: Uluslararası İlişkiler

  • 30,00 TL

Based on the prominent definitive values in international relations such as "soft power, political power, economic power, civil power, normative power and cultural power… etc." and geared towards understanding the reflections of this situation on Turkey regarding education, this study's scope aims to measure and evaluate the perceptions and attitudes of the students- those who came to Turkey for their studies from the South Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)- towards Turkey.

It is planned that the students' perception of Turkey is presented, whether there is a change between their perceptions before and after their arrivals; and if there is, the direction of this change is measured. In the process of the research, the cities, and schools in which the students from the South Caucasia have their education were located; surveys were conducted in person and a sample was chosen in order to have comparable data.

Considering the time period that international students spend in Turkey and their education expectation, it is concluded that the problems which occurred due to that the research is conducted in different cities and the positive and negative perceptions are not regional but general. What should be done is to contribute to the process whereby the students establish friendships and socialize, is to increase their comfort and security especially regarding most of them stay in dormitories or rental places, introducing Turkey better to the students who come here for educational purposes and making sure that they integrate more by informing them about our culture. Strengthening the communication with the students will help them feel better during their stay in Turkey and, by increasing the present trust and sympathy, leave Turkey with more positive feelings.

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