Imagining Judeo-Christian America : Religion, Secularism, And The Redefinition Of Democracy - Gaston, K. Healan

Imagining Judeo-Christian America : Religion, Secularism, And The Redefinition Of Democracy

K. Healan Gaston

Yayınevi: Chicago University Press

Yayın tarihi: 11/2019

ISBN: 9780226663852

İngilizce | 368 Sayfa | 15,24 x 22,86 x 0,00 cm.

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“In this long-awaited masterpiece, Gaston offers an extraordinary account of how the contested notion of Judeo-Christian America was formed and transformed. Thanks to astounding research and a compelling framework, she has made a permanent contribution to our understanding of the era straddling World War II, when the idea of Judeo-Christianity came into its own. A monumental achievement.” (Samuel Moyn, Yale University)

“A breathtakingly innovative and expansive reappraisal of a political idiom at the center of this nation’s modern identity. With unmatched nuance and sophistication, Gaston shows how a concept of purported inclusivity has in fact fueled an unending battle over what the American religious character—and democracy itself—should look like. This is a masterful, paradigm-shifting work of history.” (Darren Dochuk, University of Notre Dame)

“A tour de force of intellectual, religious, cultural, and political history, Imagining Judeo-Christian America offers a profound new explanation of modern America. Gaston illuminates the critical shift from post–World War II Judeo-Christianism to the religious right’s adoption of Judeo-Christian language, which has shaped the culture wars of the last four decades.” (Mark Silk, Trinity College)

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