Indroduction to Architectural and Technical Drawing : A Practical Handbook - Rahbarianyazd, Roksaneh

Indroduction to Architectural and Technical Drawing : A Practical Handbook

Roksaneh Rahbarianyazd

Yayınevi: Cinius

Yayın tarihi: 08/2020

ISBN: 9786257170062

Yazar : Hourakhsh A. Nia

Karton Kapak | İngilizce | 158 Sayfa | 21 x 30 cm

Tür: İnşaat

  • 290,00 TL

 This book provided for the students of architecture, interior design and civil engineering with an essential information needed to illustrate the technical drawings of any object or building. Therefore, this book developed a practical handbook for the first year students to be familiar with the alphabetic of technical drawings. İt describes the range of graphic tools, techniques, and conventions that are required in technical and architectural drawingsz.
The collected information is the authors years experience of teaching in this field. Ali the required information have been collected and edited in a way to have a comprehensive handbook to be applicable in one academic semester. İn this regard, it might be a good textbook for the instructors vvho are mostly dealing with the first year students to teach them the alphabetic of technical dravving. The content of this book and its chapters classified and developed in vvhich instructors vvill be able to apply the topics vveekly during one academic semester. İn each chapter, there are some classvvork and homework for the students. Since, this book has been developed based on European Credits Transfer System (ECTS) for one academic semester, instructors may follovv the proposed sequence of this book.
İn view of that, the objectives of this book are:
To familiarize students with the basic architectural dravving techniques, equipment and applications.
To develop students’ ability in using drawing tools and techniques.
To introduce the basic principles of dravving.
To begin with the basic dravving exercises and continue with more complex studies.
To understand different properties of three-dimensional objects and dravv the orthographic projection.
To introduce the concept of scale and dimension.
To become familiar with the concept of scale and dimensioning by considering line types and line vveights.

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