Integrating Culture Into Efl/Esl Classes - Bakıner, Ayça

Integrating Culture Into Efl/Esl Classes

Ayça Bakıner

Yayınevi: Paradigma Akademi

Yayın tarihi: 03/2021

ISBN: 9786257686440

İngilizce | 140 Sayfa | 16,5 x 24 cm

Tür: Eğitim (Genel)

  • 44,00 TL

 Mutual understanding and having intercultural communication skills are more important than ever as societies become more diverse. Our nations continue to grow more mixed and as teachers experience cultural and ethnic diversity more in their classrooms due to the global world, an understanding of the relationship between language and culture needs to be established in foreign language teaching. With the discussions of cultural competency being the fifth skill in foreign language teaching, although this may seem a bit exaggerated to some, in this book, foreign language teaching is considered to be out of its context and incomplete without the integration of the target culture.
The study incorporates ways and reasons of integrating culture into English language teaching classes. The book outlines the theoretical background to the topic. It discusses the relationship between theory and practice on this subject matter. It is packed with it offers and practices for teachers, which can be carried out in the process of their own teaching. The author hopes to help language teachers involve themselves in their own professional development, consider critically what is presented in the book, and apply it to their own knowledge, experience, and classroom practice.
• Introduction
• Culture
• Language
• Language and Culture
• Foreign Language
Teaching and Culture
• Teaching Methods and
Techniques in EFL/ESL
• Integrating Culture into EFL/ESL
Classes via Technology
• What Is in the CEFR?
• Discussion and Conclusion
• Suggestions

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