Islamic Capitalism and Finance : Origins, Evolution and the Future - Çızakça, Murat

Islamic Capitalism and Finance : Origins, Evolution and the Future

Murat Çızakça

Yayınevi: Edward Elgar

Yayın tarihi: 02/2013

ISBN: 9780857937629

İngilizce | 360 Sayfa | 15,6x23,19x2,21 cm.

Tür: Ekonomi

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'It was a humbling experience to read the product of such a remarkable feat of scholarship. It is all at once an exploration in analytic history and a complete text of Islamic finance theory and application. It is also one of the most succinct renditions of the evolution of Islamic finance embedded in a comprehensive account of the particularities of economies as diverse as Malaysia and Turkey. This is a unique contribution to Islamic finance and Islamic economic history. It has been a rewarding learning experience. It is truly a breathtaking effort.'
- Abbas Mirakhor, former IMF Executive Director and the recipient of the Islamic Development Bank Prize in Islamic Economics (2003)

This illuminating and thought-provoking book questions whether classical Islamic capitalism, which has served Muslims so well for centuries, can provide a viable alternative world economic system. In the current recession - the worst since 1929 - this is surely a provocative question. But if Islamic capitalism is to emerge as a viable alternative, its nature and systems must be well understood.

Murat Çizakça explores key issues within Islamic capitalism and finance, shedding light on whether the Islamic system can indeed be called 'capitalist', the principles on which the system was built, the institutions that were consequently developed, how they function and have evolved, and, perhaps, most importantly, whether they can be modernized to meet today's needs. Against the backdrop of rapid change in the Middle East, this book gives a solid background to the economic systems that will emerge in the world of Islam.

An essential guide to the past, present and future of Islamic economy and finance, this compelling book will prove to be of particular interest to academics and researchers of economics, finance, economic and financial history and political science.

Contents: Foreword Introduction Part I: Value Systems Behind Institutions 1. Two Approaches to Islamic Economics and Finance 2. Basic Principles of Islamic Capitalism Part II: Historical Institutions of Private Enterprise: Capital Accumulation 3. Financing the Entrepreneur: The Medieval Islamic Business Partnerships 4. Evolution of Medieval Islamic Business Partnerships in the Islamic World and the West 5. Commerce and Commercial Institutions Part III: Historical Institutions of Capital Redistribution and Public Finance 6. Obligatory Redistribution of Wealth: Taxation and Institutions of Tax Collection, the Origins of Modern Sukuk 7. Voluntary Redistribution of Wealth (The Waqf) Part IV: Islamic Capitalism and Finance Today 8. Waqfs of Stocks 9. The Birth and Evolution of Modern Islamic Banking 10. Borrowing from the Public: Sukuk 11. Takaful (Islamic Insurance) 12. The Lembaga Urusan Dan Tabung Haji: Financing the Modern Pilgrimage Part V: Future of Islamic Capitalism and Finance 13. The Islamic Gold Dinar 14. Maqasid Al-Shari'ah and Islamic Banking 15. Venture Capital 16. Democracy and the Modern Islamic Capitalism Bibliography Index

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