Israel in the International Arena : Israel : First Hundred Years IV  - Karsh, Efraim

Israel in the International Arena : Israel : First Hundred Years IV

Efraim Karsh

Yayınevi: Cass

Yayın tarihi: 04/2004

ISBN: 9780714680217

İngilizce | 288 Sayfa |

Tür: Dünya Siyasi Tarihi

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Born amidst the ruin of World War II and into the Cold War environment of realpolitik, Israel has, since its earliest existence, commanded a place on the international stage out of all relation to its size, population or ambitions. This work, part of the series "Israel: The First Hundred Years", examines Israel's experience in foreign affairs in its first 50 years of existence. Contributors ask to what extent an Israeli foreign policy can be said to be a Zionist foreign policy and analyse Israel's international role in the Cold War era. They also explore Israel's foreign policy relationships within the Middle East region and with great powers such as the United States and China and the newer power bloc of Europe. In doing so they give a comprehensive account of Israel's foreign policy history and Israel's place in the international political system at the end of this most tumultuous of centuries.

Table of Contents
Towards Distant Frontiers
- The Course of Israeli Diplomacy
The Effect of Changes in the International Environment on the Future of the Middle East
Influence and Arms - John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B.
Johnson and the Politics of Arms Sales to Israel
Indirect Pressure - Moscow and the End of the British Mandate in Palestine
Blocking Peace - Britain and the Israeli-Jordanian Conflict 1949-51
The PLO Factor in Euro-Israeli Relations
Some Trade Effects of the EMU Process on Israel
The Road to the Israeli-Spanish Rapprochement
The "Good-Natured Bastard" - Canada and the Middle-East Refugee Question
The Republic of China and Israel, 1911-2003
Israeli-Indian Relations - Seeking Balance and Realism
Japan and Israel - An Evaluation of Relationship-Building in the Context of Japan's Middle East Policy
Toward a Conceptual Framework of World Jewish Politics - State, Nation and Diaspora in a Jewish Foreign Policy
Post-Zionism in the Oslo Era and the Implications for the Diaspora.

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