Man Who Walked Away - Maud, Casey

Man Who Walked Away

Casey Maud

Yayınevi: Bloomsbury

Yayın tarihi: 08/2014

ISBN: 9781408850305

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Tür: Roman Öykü

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Albert walks. Staying put eludes him. In a trance-like state he sets out, escaping from his past, walking from Bordeaux to Saint-Estephe, from Bergerac to Tulle, and farther afield to Turkey and Austria and Russia, all over Europe. When he walks he is called a vagrant, a deserter, a mad man. He is chased out of towns and villages, tormented and imprisoned. When the reverie of his walking ends, when he arrives at a destination, he’s left wondering where he is, with no memory of how he got there. His past exists only as fragments of memory bubbling up in his mind. He exists only in his walking while simultaneously yearning for understanding.
Loosely based on the case history of Albert Dadas, a psychiatric patient in the hospital of St. André in Bordeaux, France during the second half of the nineteenth century, The Man Who Walked imagines Albert’s life after he arrives at a Bordeaux asylum in anguish. At the heart of the novel lies Albert’s relationship with the Doctor, a young man who tries to transform Albert’s travels into a narrative, to piece together his life. In the course of their treatment—through talk therapy and hypnosis, revolutionary ideas in these pre-Freudian days, in an institution known for its compassion—an intimate relationship develops between the two men. As a result, the Doctor develops a diagnosis for his patient: a walking fugue. While the doctor and patient relationship occupies the majority of the narrative’s arc, the asylum’s inhabitants--the Director, Nurse Anne, and the other patients--add humor and color and context to the story.
In a time when mental health diagnosis is still as much art as science, Maud Casey takes us back to its tentative beginnings. While Albert, a man untethered by place or schedule, provides a model for living, for slowing down, for seeing what’s awesome and inspiring in all that passes in the course of a long walk.

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