Merchant Crusaders In The Aegean, 1291-1352 - Carr, Mike

Merchant Crusaders In The Aegean, 1291-1352

Mike Carr

Yayınevi: Boydell

Yayın tarihi: 06/2019

ISBN: 9781783274055

İngilizce | 214 Sayfa | 15,20 x 23,20 x 1,80 cm.

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This eloquently written, accessible, and well-argued monograph makes an innovative contribution from a fresh perspective to the study of the pre-modern Mediterranean. AL-MASAQ (R)epresents a painstaking effort to piece together information from disparate sources of varied provenience into an exceptionally accurate and comprehensive, yet brief and readable survey of Latin-Turkish interactions in the fourteenth-century Aegean. This book will serve scholars in research and teaching for a long time. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TURKISH STUDIES (M)akes especially interesting use of petitions and supplications to the pope for exemptions from trade embargoes and the relationship of these dispensations to crusading projects . also draws on a wide variety of other sources, both narrative and otherwise . Scholars interested in the later crusades, maritime warfare, trade between Christians and Muslims, and the Aegean region will all find interesting food for thought here. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW Mike Carr has written a monograph designed to "cut across the subgenres of economic and crusading history" (p 6). He qualifies and corrects common assumptions about the conduct of the Crusades by revealing profound diversity among Islamic actors on one hand, and rivalries both subtle and profound within Greek and Latin Christianity on the other. DE RE MILITARI (An) innovative perspective . By pitting interfaith conflict against the backdrop of the larger Mediterranean world in which it was happening, Carr makes a compelling case for the "merchant crusader," one that ought to be considered in other theaters in which the crusading phenomenon occurred. H-WAR

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