Miracle of Knots - Alantar, Hüseyin

Miracle of Knots

Hüseyin Alantar

Yayınevi: Sentez A.Ş.

Yayın tarihi: 04/2006

ISBN: 9789756431047

Ciltli | İngilizce | 220 Sayfa | Geniş boy | 

Tür: El Sanatları

Departing from the usual approach, “The Miracle of Knots” has been written with a new philosophy; that of attempting to “read” the cultural values imbedded within Anatolian carpets. The goal of these various “readings”, achieved by focusing on different signs, is first to derive their meaning, and secondly, to come up with an appropriate interpretation.

With a rainbow of colors, the people of Anatolia have woven their worldview, their customs and traditions, the world of their beliefs, their aesthetic sensitivity, their attitudes towards art and their societal valuas in short, their entire culture, into their carpets. In the realm of carpets, as in so many aspects of Anatolia, we find a world of knowledge rich in color and beauty.

At the crossroads of technique and visual quality, “The Miracle of Knots” examines the design principles of carpet weaving and the structural characteristics which emerge from their weaving techniques, as well as the results of dye analyses.

As a cultural object, every carpet is naturally loaded with the values of the society which created it. We witness this in every stage of its production, including the preparation of materials, the dying and weaving techniques and the design and working of colors. Complementing each other, each of these various aspects of the work are extremely valuable in determining the identity and date of a carpet.

Nowadays, the study of carpets has extended well beyond art history to include various other branches of science as well, including cultural history, sociology, religious phenomenology, chemistry, botany and semiology. As a result, the Anatolian art of carpet weaving with its nearly one thousand years of cultural wealth, is becoming the focus of interdisciplinary research and interpretation.

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