Narrative, Apparatus, Ideology : A Film Theory Reader - ROSEN, PHILIP

Narrative, Apparatus, Ideology : A Film Theory Reader


Yayınevi: Columbia University Press

Yayın tarihi: 10/1986

ISBN: 9780231058810

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This essential anthology presents the most significant and influential writings on film theory from the last twenty years. This book includes many seminal articles by film scholars such as Christian Metz, Jean-Louis Baudry, Stephen Heath, Peter Wollen, Laura Mulvey, and Noe¨l Burch. Also included are articles by the era's leading cultural thinkers: Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva, and Jean-Francçois Lyotard, to name a few.

Philip Rosen has carefully organized these essays to open the reader to a number of central issues in film theory including the classical narrative text, oppositional and avant-garde cinema, subject positioning, the cinematic apparatus, and ideology. Rosen's introductions to each section explain the assumptions, ideas, and arguments important to the articles, and help place the essays in the context of the history of film theory, of narrative analysis, and of social and cultural theory.

Part 1. Structures of Filmic Narrative
Introduction: The Saussurian Impulse and Cinema Semiotics
1. "Classical Hollywood Cinema: Narrational Principles and Procedures" David Bordwell
2. "Problems of Denotation in the Fiction Film" Christian Metz
3. "Segmenting/Analyzing" Raymond Bellour
4. "The Obvious and the Code" Raymond Bellour
5. "The Spectator-in-the-Text: The Rhetoric of Stagecoach" Nick Browne
6. "Godard and Counter-Cinema: Vent d' Est" Peter Wollen
7. "The Concept of Cinematic Excess" Kristin Thompson
8. "Uncoded Images in the Heterogeneous Text" Deborah Linderman
Part 2: Subject, Narrative, Cinema
Introduction: Text and Subject
9. "Diderot, Brecht, Eisenstein" Roland Barthes
10. "Theory and Film: Principles of Realism and Pleasure" Colin MacCabe
11. "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" Laura Mulvey
12. "Voyeurism, The Look, and Dwoskin", Paul Willemen
13. "Suture" (excerpts) Kaja Silverman
14. "Ellipsis on Dread and the Specular Seduction" Julia Kristeva
15. "The Imaginary Signifier" (excerpts) Christian Metz
Part 3: Apparatus
16. "Ideological Effects of the Basic Cinematographic Apparatus" Jean-Louis Baudry
17. "The Apparatus: Metapsychological Approaches to the Impression of Reality in Cinema" Jean-Louis Baudry
18. "The Silences of the Voice" Pascal Bonitzer
19. "The Voice in the Cinema: The Articulation of Body and Space" Mary Ann Doane
20. "Acinema" Jean François Lyotard
21. "Through the Looking-Glass" Teresa de Lauretis
Part 4: Textuality as Ideology
22. "Narrative Space" Stephen Heath
23. "Technique and Ideology: Camera, Perspective, Depth of Field" (Parts 3 and 4) Jean-Louis Comolli
24. "John Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln" Editors of Cahiers du cinéma
25. "Primitivism and the Avant-Gardes: A Dialectical Approach" Noël Burch
26. "Film Body: An Implantation of Perversions" Linda Williams
27. "Primary Identification and the Historical Subject: Fassbinder and Germany" Thomas Elsaesser

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