New Corporate Finance 3e - CHEW, DONALD H.

New Corporate Finance 3e


Yayınevi: McGraw Hill

ISBN: 9780072339734

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Tür: Finans-Bankacılık

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This book is comprised of 45 articles written by top researchers and theorists in finance.

The text is meant to bridge the gap between financial theory and practice. It gives instructors a way to introduce students to academic articles edited to eliminate the methodological content. The articles were originally edited for practitioners, so they are perfect for the MBA student. This reader is the perfect packaging option for any of our Corporate Finance texts.

I. Man and Markets
1. The Nature of Man
2. The Theory of Stock Market Efficiency: Accomplishments and Limitations
3. Market Myths
4. R & D and Capital Markets
5. Stern Stewart Roundtable on Relationship Investing and Shareholder Communication
II. Corporate Strategy and Structure
6. Finance Theory and Financial Strategy
7. The Economics of Organizational Architecture
8. Capabilities and Capital Investment: New Perspectives on Capital Budgeting
9. The EVA Financial Management System
10. Total Compensation Strategy
11. Stern Stewart EVA Roundtable
III. Capital Structure and Payout Policy
12. The Modigliani-Miller Prepositions after Thirty Years
13. The Capital Structure Puzzle: Another Look at Evidence
14. On Financial Architecture: Leverage, Maturity, and Priority
15. Who Wins in Large Stock Buybacks-Those Who Sell or Those Who Hold?
16. The Dividend Cut "Heard 'Round the World": The case of FPL
17. Bank of America Roundtable on the Link between Capital Structure and Shareholder Value
IV. Raising Capital
18. Raising Capital: Theory and Evidence
19. A Survey of Corporate Financing Innovations: 1970-1997
20. Initial Public Offerings
21. Internet Investment Banking: The Impact of Information Technology on Relationship Banking
22. Are Bank Loans Different?: Some Evidence from the Stock Market
23. Convertible Bonds: Matching Financial and Real Options
24. The Origin of Lyons: A case study in financial innovation
25. The Uses of Hybrid Debt in Managing Corporate Risk
26. Using Project Finance to Fund Infrastructure Investments
V. Risk Management
27. Financial Innovation: Achievements and Prospects
28. Strategic Risk Management
29. Rethinking Risk Management
30. Identifying, Measuring and Hedging Currency Risk at Merck
31. Theory of Risk Capital in Financial Firms
32. How to Use the Holes in Black-Scholes
33. Value-at-Risk: Uses and Abuses
34. Corporate Insurance Strategy: The Case of British Petroleum
35. Bank of America Roundtable on Derivatives and Corporate Risk Management
VI. Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Governance
36. The Modern Industrial Revolution, Exit, and the Failure of Internal Control Systems
37. The Motives and Methods of Corporate Restructuring
38. How Stock Swap Mergers Affect Shareholder and Bondholder Wealth
39. To Purchase or to Pool: Does It Matter
40. Lessons from a Middle Market LBO: The case of O. M. Scott
41. Leveraged Recaps and the Curbing of Corporate Overinvestment
42. Some New Evidence that Spinoffs Create Value
43. The Evolution of Buyout Pricing and Financial Structure (Or What Went Wrong) in the 1980's
44. LBOs-The Evolution of Financial Structures and Strategies
45. Continental Bank Roundtable on the Role of Corporate Boards in the 1990s

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