New Generation Studies in Electromembrane Extraction - Onaç, Canan

New Generation Studies in Electromembrane Extraction

Canan Onaç

Yayınevi: Hiperlink

Yayın tarihi: 10/2020

ISBN: 9786257845724

İngilizce | 120 Sayfa | 13,5 x 21 cm

Tür: Elektrik-Elektronik

 This book provides a comprehensive and detailed summary a general overview on the electro membrane system and working principle of this technique. The electro membrane extraction is a combination of liquid phase micro extraction and more traditional electro extraction systems. It was first designed to prepare samples for the liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry methods, but the field of use is not limited to these methods. The available studies in the literatüre of electro membrane focus on technical development and applications of electro membrane and discuss the future of this technology critically. So, this book emphasizes basic and theory of electro membrane technique and use of supported liquid membrane in electro membrane applications and working parameters of this technique. There is a great interest in electro membrane extraction technique and the number of research papers is increasing exponentially. One of major of this book to reveal out an answer to why researchers prefer to use polymer inclusion membrane rather than supported liquid membrane in EME applications in recent years. The advantages of polymer inclusion membrane and supported liquid membrane over each other in electro membrane applications were compared. Another important issue addressed in this book is the use of nanomaterials in membrane process and new generation membranes in electro membrane studies. New generation nano materials are among the most important additives affecting the membrane performance in the production of nano strong membranes. Due to their extraordinary features, this book provides the latest carbon nanotubes studies were used as the additive of CNT in polymer inclusion membrane and electro membrane extraction process and presents new application fields.

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