New-product Diffusion Models  - Mahajan, Vijay

New-product Diffusion Models

Vijay Mahajan

Yayınevi: Kluwer

Yayın tarihi: 09/2000

ISBN: 9780792377511

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Product sales, especially for new products, are influenced by many factors. These factors are both internal and external to the selling organization, and are both controllable and uncontrollable. Due to the enormous complexity of such factors, it is not surprising that product failure rates are relatively high. Indeed, new product failure rates have variously been reported as between 40 and 90 percent. Despite this multitude of factors, marketing researchers have not been deterred from developing and designing techniques to predict or explain the levels of new product sales over time. The proliferation of the Internet, the necessity or developing a road map to plan the launch and exit times of various generations of a product, and the shortening of product life cycles are challenging firms to investigate market penetration, or innovation diffusion, models. These models not only provide information on new product sales over time but also provide insight on the speed with which a new product is being accepted by various buying groups, such as those identified as innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. This book aims to distill, synthesize, and integra

Table of Contents

Introduction 1 New-Product Diffusion Models: From Theory to Practice by Vijay Mahajan and Eitan Muller and Yoram Wind 3
2 Firm Strategy and Speed of Diffusion by Sabine Kuester and Hubert Gatignon and Thomas S. Robertson 27
3 Multimarket and Global Diffusion by Marnik G. Dekimpe and Philip M. Parker and Miklos Sarvary 49
4 Innovation Adoption and Diffusion in the Digital Environment: Some Research Opportunities by Arvind Rangaswamy and Sunil Gupta 75
5 Modeling the Marketing-Mix Influence in New-Product Diffusion by Frank M. Bass and Dipak Jain and Trichy Krishnan 99
6 Diffusion Models with Replacement and Multiple Purchases by Brian T. Ratchford and Siva K. Balasubramanian and Wagner A. Kamakura 123
7 Growth Models for Multiproduct Interactions: Current Status and New Directions by Barry L. Bayus and Namwoon Kim and Allan D. Shocker 141
8 Dynamic Models Incorporating Competition by Rabikar Chatterjee and Jehoshua Eliashberg and Vithala Rao 165
9 Disaggregate-Level Diffusion Models by John H. Roberts and James M. Lattin 207 10 Operations Planning in the Presence of Innovation Diffusion Dynamics by Morris A. Cohen and Teck H. Ho and Hirofumi Matsuo 237
11 Estimation Techniques for Macro Diffusion Models by William P. Putsis, Jr. and V. Srinivasan 263
12 Diffusion Models: Managerial Applications and Software by Gary L. Lilien and Arvind Rangaswamy and Christophe van den Bulte 295
Appendix A Software Tutorial for the (Generalized) Bass Model 313
Appendix B Zenith High-Definition Television (HDTV) Case 323
Appendix C How we Obtained the Estimates in Tables 12.1 and 12.2 331
List of Contributors 337
About the Editors 339
Index 343

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