Nuclear and Radiochemistry 3e    - Friedlander, G.

Nuclear and Radiochemistry 3e

G. Friedlander

Yayınevi: John Wiley

Yayın tarihi: 01/1981

ISBN: 9780471862550

Yazar : J. W. Kennedy E. S. Macias J. M. Miller

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Tür: Kimya-Kimya Müh.

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Introduction to Radiation Chemistry Third Edition J. W. T. Spinks and R. J. Woods The only single source guide to radiation chemistry has now been expanded to include new material on applied radiation chemistry and experimental methods, as well as gaseous and solid systems. Other enhancements include broadened coverage of chemical reactions initiated by high-energy and their commercial applications, as well as new topics related to kinetics and experimental procedures. The Third Edition features numerical data in Sl units, simplifying most radiation-chemical calculations, an expanded problem section, and key references updated to reflect recent research. 1990 (0 471-61403-3) 574 pp. The Elements Beyond Uranium Glenn T. Seaborg and Walter D. Loveland Written by the team of Nobel Laureate Glenn Seaborg—an active participant in the discovery of transuranium elements—and leading chemist, Walter Loveland, here is a unique inside account of the discovery of these elements as well as the first definitive look at their chemical, physical, and nuclear properties. The book contains detailed discussions of nuclear synthesis reactions, experimental techniques, natural occurrence, superheavy elements, practical applications, and predictions for the future, as well as such special features as excerpts from original notebooks, pictures of element discovery teams, and up-to-date tables of nuclear properties. 1990 (0 471-89062-6) 359 pp

Table of Contents
Atomic Nuclei.
Radioactive Decay Processes.
Nuclear Reactions.
Equations of Decay and Growth.
Interactions of Radiation with Matter.
Radiation Detection and Measurement.
Techniques in Nuclear Chemistry.
Statistical Considerations in Radioactivity Measurements.
Nuclear Models.
Radiochemical Applications.
Nuclear Processes as Chemical Probes.
Nuclear Processes in Geology and Astrophysics.
Nuclear Energy.
Sources of Nuclear Bombarding Particles.

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