One Land, Two States : Israel and Palestine as Parallel States - Levine, Mark

One Land, Two States : Israel and Palestine as Parallel States

Mark Levine

Yayınevi: California University Press

Yayın tarihi: 07/2014

ISBN: 9780520279131

Yazar : Mathias Mossberg

İngilizce | 259 Sayfa | 15,01x24,99x1,5 cm.

Tür: Dünya İktisat Tarihi

  • 172,46 TL

One Land, Two States is a bold restructuring of an idea that remains at the heart of international diplomacy after generations of conflict. A pioneering effort to preserve the two-state solution in Israel and Palestine, the book imagines new paradigms in policy designed to disrupt the turmoil and disharmony that have gripped the region.

This groundbreaking book is authored by a group of leading Palestinian and Israeli scholars and officials who deliver an innovative framework for viewing and providing solutions to the region’s conflict. ?If the land cannot be shared by geographical division, and if a one-state solution remains unacceptable,” they ask, ?can the land be shared in some other way?”

The contributors seek to unravel these questions by examining a utopian world where seemingly irreconcilable constructs allow Israel to remain in the West Bank and maintain its military dominance and security position while Palestinians are given a right of return.

By radically transforming the nature and stakes of the Israel-Palestine conflict and envisioning a Jerusalem that is transformed into a capital of full equality and independence, this book explores themes related to security, resistance, sovereignty, diaspora, globalism, religion, and new forms of political and economic power that are not dependent on land ownership.

Written to inform policy makers, scholars, and researchers interested in the Middle East and related areas, this book and its solutions and presentation could be used as a practical model for resolution of conflicts worldwide.

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