Open Shutters Iraq - Dolberg, Eugenie

Open Shutters Iraq

Eugenie Dolberg

Yayınevi: Trolley

Yayın tarihi: 04/2010

ISBN: 9781904563990

İngilizce | 248 Sayfa | 16,99x21,59x2,21 cm.

Tür: Politika - Dünya

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Open Shutters Iraq is a book of nine photographic essays and
writing by women from all over Iraq. The thread of contemporary
Iraqi history emerges through their tales of war, sanctions, intifada,
siege, kidnapping, grief, love, happiness, times of resistance,
achievements and small triumphs.
The women came from many different backgrounds and had
no previous photographic experience. They were trained in
photography and writing by the editor of the book, photographer
Eugenie Dolberg.
Dolberg, frustrated by the lack of journalistic access in Iraq and
subsequent coverage of the war, decided to find a way for Iraqi
women to tell their story in their own voices, the human reality of
war, behind the collective headlines.
As Irada Zaydan, the Iraqi Project Manager, who quit her job as a
professor at the University of Baghdad to work on this project and
risked her life on several occasions says, This is not a project, this
is a dream. A dream I want to live for my daughter. So she can grow
up and understand what is truly happening now.
The collection is a unique insight into the lives of a group of
women whose bravery and determination to create in a time of
such immense destruction form a truly inspirational series.
Eugenie Dolberg is a photographer who developed Open Shutters
to teach photography not only as a medium of documentation,
but as a way to share ideas and emotional experiences. She lives
between London and Tehran.

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